8 Dec 2010

Christmas Again

PHEW! I have gone through a LOT of reediting my posts because I just switched to a new template. I thought that it may be time to make this blog less... um... teen-like? And maybe more professional. But after applying the new template a critical piece of HTML code got rendered useless: all my "More >>" links became non-functional, so all the posts burst out into full length!

Luckily Blogger is advanced enough to have their own expandable-post feature; just by using
I can put in a post break wherever I want! And the good news is that these new links won't pop up unnecessarily like at the My Info page, only where I specify.

Anyway, I'm currently too tired to think of new stuff to write about Christmas, because of all that time rummaging through and fixing all the previous posts. And through that process I found some old posts related to Christmas too. So I thought it would be a good idea to just let you go back through my memories, and maybe relearn some things about Christmas!

So here are 3 older posts from my blog, from about 2 years ago:

christmas? (20th Nov '08)

Festivities (24th Nov '08)

Change (6th Dec '08)

Also, there is a huge new Christmas playlist on my blog now! I'm still adding on things to this blog, like maybe a new header picture or background...