17 Nov 2010

Remembering The Past Again

Err.... I just realised that my Past Entry #6 popped up recently. And I screwed up the date. It was supposed to be before the O Level HCL exam, but I think I put it a week too early. Oh well, I can't change anything now...

Which reminds me, I have yet to schedule new Past Entries for the future. I'll probably spam a lot during this holiday period.

You know, I expect some of my classmates to be thinking back on the 2 years we spent as a class, and the 4 years we spent as a secondary student. There are those who say, "Why the hell would I want to remember all those horrible times we spent doing homework, getting scolded by teachers or getting booked by prefects???" I still think everyone has at least one point in time where they enjoyed something in school. It's very rare for the two extremes, one who likes every single second spent in school, the other who hates every second, to exist. The former is likely to be in a world of his/her own, while the latter is probably already transferred to another school.

I'm sure every student has at least one moment in school which he/she wants to relive again, or even be stuck in that moment forever(although that's really scary). There are also moments which we want to correct or erase if we were given the power and opportunity to do so. However, at this moment we can only move forward in time. Someone(or something) might already have mastered moving forward and backward through time at will, but we haven't noticed yet. So for now all we can do is to record the past through whatever means possible.

And that is one reason why I have this blog and its Past Entries. It's a good way to note down the past, and is easier for me than actually writing on paper. At least I can hit backspace or delete instead of messily scratching out mistakes, drowning them in correction fluid or blanketing them with correction tape. And I found out that the correction fluid/tape will turn slightly yellow and become translucent over a long period of time, so your mistakes will still "rise from the dead".

Back to the school days. Not only have I seen a surge in photos taken during a graduation event or a last day of school, I've also witnessed certain videos popping up, mainly class memoirs. It usually is a slideshow of photos of the students(and sometimes the teachers) set to heart-wrenching touching music. Another form might be a whole series of final messages from the students and teachers, like "I hope we can all stay united as a class, like even 10 years later we can still meet up and joke around like we did in school." Or "I used to wish for school to end quickly, but now I really don't want school to end now, because it means we have to split! I'll miss our times spent as a class." But I don't really like this kind of videos, because many years down the road what you say or do can come back and haunt you... D:

Being in RI isn't that bad considering that most of us will still continue to the JC side, so we'd still get to see each other. There are unfortunately those like the scholars that may have to go back to their country and have to leave us. There's still things like Facebook or Skype that would allow us to keep in touch, but as for meeting face to face again, the only time might be a batch reunion. And who knows when that would happen... maybe 5 years?

I may have an idea for when to schedule my Past Entries...