12 Nov 2010

Past Entry 6

29th August 2010, 9.40 pm

Well it's really been a while since I did a Past Entry, I'm not sure where I should schedule this yet... maybe after finishing this post I'll decide.

Right now I'm diving into the last week of Term 3, and then try to salvage what's left of my 1-week school holiday period, after all my @#*&$^*% projects have eaten into it. And the National Day rally speech is airing on TV, but I usually don't watch Lee Hsien Loong deliver his speech anyway.

I just remembered, so far nobody's ever commented on my past entries. Is it because they think I didn't actually schedule them to be posted in the future? Did they think I'm faking all this stuff? Well, this Past Entry concept was mainly meant for myself, as a unique way of rediscovering myself, or maybe laughing and realising how fate has changed me from the way I was at the time of writing, to the way I will be when I re-read the post.

(Which date should I set this post on? Hmm...)

Come to think of it, I don't know if this Past Entry thing is actually "unique", whether there are other bloggers out there doing the same thing. Maybe if people out there who actually do this visit my blog, they could link up their blogs so I can see how they did it, and if they got any surprises/discoveries out of it.

And another thing: should I reply to my Past Entries? It may seem silly trying to reply to my past self who cannot see the response unless time travel becomes possible and he can come into the future to look, but then he might as well ask me directly anyway.

...Okay, I suppose I could schedule this on 12th November 2010, at 9pm. Nice sequence of 12/11/10 9(if you go by DD/MM/YYYY format). And it's just a few days away from my HMT O's, so I might as well remind myself not to slacken off!!! So listen up, me. When I read this in the future, I better be in the same study mode as when I was a few days ago, before my HMT prelims. Actually, I should be studying EVEN HARDER!!! >:(

Besides, I'd want the school year to end on a good note, and maybe be in the mood to celebrate with my classmates. Which reminds me of the post I wrote earlier on... if you can find the other entry I posted on this date...