17 Nov 2010

Remembering The Past Again

Err.... I just realised that my Past Entry #6 popped up recently. And I screwed up the date. It was supposed to be before the O Level HCL exam, but I think I put it a week too early. Oh well, I can't change anything now...

Which reminds me, I have yet to schedule new Past Entries for the future. I'll probably spam a lot during this holiday period.

You know, I expect some of my classmates to be thinking back on the 2 years we spent as a class, and the 4 years we spent as a secondary student. There are those who say, "Why the hell would I want to remember all those horrible times we spent doing homework, getting scolded by teachers or getting booked by prefects???" I still think everyone has at least one point in time where they enjoyed something in school. It's very rare for the two extremes, one who likes every single second spent in school, the other who hates every second, to exist. The former is likely to be in a world of his/her own, while the latter is probably already transferred to another school.

12 Nov 2010

Past Entry 6

29th August 2010, 9.40 pm

Well it's really been a while since I did a Past Entry, I'm not sure where I should schedule this yet... maybe after finishing this post I'll decide.

Right now I'm diving into the last week of Term 3, and then try to salvage what's left of my 1-week school holiday period, after all my @#*&$^*% projects have eaten into it. And the National Day rally speech is airing on TV, but I usually don't watch Lee Hsien Loong deliver his speech anyway.

I just remembered, so far nobody's ever commented on my past entries. Is it because they think I didn't actually schedule them to be posted in the future? Did they think I'm faking all this stuff? Well, this Past Entry concept was mainly meant for myself, as a unique way of rediscovering myself, or maybe laughing and realising how fate has changed me from the way I was at the time of writing, to the way I will be when I re-read the post.

(Which date should I set this post on? Hmm...)

8 Nov 2010

Stereotyped II

Gosh, three more days to the HCL O Level exams. :(

I've heard a lot of classmates already say things like "how time flies", "I wish I could stay in secondary school forever", "I'll miss the teachers" etc. And now they're scrambling to spend as much time together as possible before the class becomes split up and we all embark on the journey known as Junior College education. Honestly we all should have done all this stuff beforehand instead of creating feelings of remorse and regret, but then we end up wasting away some of our precious time still, probably because we were still young and bashful, not knowing what the future holds.

We students have all certainly learnt many things about the subjects we study, but also about the types of people that we have to interact with, including the teachers around us who are supposedly there to guide us through our learning journey. Some are pleasant, some are harder to get along with. Some are pretty much normal, some are a bit quirky. Don't forget that the teachers are partly responsible for the drama and colour in your life as a student!