31 Oct 2010


WOW. I have not posted for a few weeks! Must be pretty dusty around here. So to repay, I'm making a super long post!

Then again, very few people actually dedicate themselves to read the latest posts here anyway, so does it matter much?

Well the exams are almost done except for one teeny weeny but very important O LEVEL HIGHER CHINESE EXAM. The last few days have been murder. Nothing except for Chinese lessons. This is why we need variety. Even on the last few days of school we still have to stay back for those lessons!

Anyway it's already near Halloween. And the first day of the Subaru challenge. Kinda sad that for some it's difficult to decide whether to brave the horrendous whether weather and win a car, or to dress up in a freaky/funny/frightening costume(that's three F's in a row) and go to a Halloween party to unwind and scare some people.

Unfortunately, the fact that it's almost Halloween also indicates that it's almost the end of school, and in my case the end of secondary education... I hope. And after many years of education, I've not only learnt so much information related to our academics, but also what kind of people exist around me. I've sorted them into various stereotypes, some which I think you may have experienced too. If you don't think you know a particular person around you that fits a certain stereotype, it might be YOU!

10 Oct 2010

Next Wave

EOY. I hate that acronym.

It can strike fear in many students. Just mentioning it can cause some to have horrible flashbacks of their previous results. Results that are usually disastrous.

Teachers aren't fond of EOYs either. Their tasks start months before with the setting of the questions. During the exams, some of them act as security guards, scouting out for anyone trying to commit the foul act of cheating. After the exam ends, more teachers are gathered to mark hundreds of scripts. Sometimes conflicts happen due to the changing of benchmarks, which can frustrate both teachers and students.

Examine Student A and Student B. Before the exams, Student A has already started revision months ago, creating his own notes which are more effective than the textbooks. He has already tried out various assessment papers from previous years, and even requested for extra tuition, both from the school teachers and the tutors from outside. He is still revising a day before the exam just to be sure, although it is really unnecessary.

Student B has only just started revision two weeks ago. He knows that he isn't really excellent in any of his subjects, but he has procrastinated for so long. Only now has the urgency and severity of the situation hit him. He is desperately flipping through textbooks and past exercises, hoping that he would absorb all that information in such little time. He is begging other classmates for their notes to compensate for his own lack of notes, expecting that their notes would make it much easier for him to relearn everything.