19 Sep 2010


I know a lot of my peeps(that word is so weird to me) have been staying up late at night watching soccer. So does this make me abnormal that I'm not as football crazy as them?

Anyway I thought of just popping in this post since I can't really sleep properly yet. Must have been the Coke I drank earlier. Somehow caffeine's power only kicks in when I try to sleep, otherwise I still feel tired when I'm doing stuff like homework. Or does academic-related stuff already have this sleep-inducing effect? That probably explains a lot of dozed-off students I see in my school. :|

You know, I think we should all make an effort to stay up really really late for one or two nights. Not for the purpose of trying to look like pandas or vampires. Rather, you get to notice things at night which you usually miss when you sleep. Even by just looking outside my window, my HDB area already looks different, even peaceful.

So perhaps what we should all do is take a walk around any suburban area at night. As we walk around, we can appreciate the silence that hardly occurs in such a busy country like Singapore. All the roads become significantly emptier, since all movement is reduced. Yet it isn't so little that the whole place is considered dead. There may still be some noise from the occasional car/bus, or from the wind blowing into your ear, or even crickets.

The whole area is much darker, being blanketed by the black sky, but you still see the warm orange light coming from the street lamps, or tiny specks of white light from housing areas.

The air around you becomes much cooler and maybe even purer. Less pollution, less human traffic: the dust is allowed to settle and rest, instead of being stirred up constantly by Man.

Sometimes I want to sit on a bench in a park late at night, listening to soothing music, and just admiring sleeping Singapore.(Without having to worry about my safety, of course.) But most of the time that doesn't happen because I have commitments like school. Still, I think it's a nice way to relax and unwind, and perhaps reflect on the beauty of this island.

Maybe sometime after the exams, I'll try that.