10 Sep 2010

Late Night Bloghopping


It's past 1am and I'm bored.

I'm going to snoop around.

Find me some new blogs which I find interesting.

And put some links here.

Let's go

http://snjbuchananfamily.blogspot.com: 2 proud parents(Jon + Sarah) and their 3 children with funny nicknames(Angel + Grins + Wiggles), and a whole lot of photos to show off too!

http://anitaletts2.blogspot.com: Pretty cool scrapbooking art... and another baby!

http://coolandhipiamnot.blogspot.com: Good thing Heather is brave enough to admit it by flashing it as her blog title. While she writes about school and family, I write about school and family...?

http://saintcitysalvationists.blogspot.com: The Saint City Salvationists blog! Just wondering, why doesn't the Salvation Army have a local blog? I know there's the website(http://www.salvationarmy.org/singapore) but why not set up a blog like this?

http://cicconeland.blogspot.com: I see a trend here...

.....okay I'm stopping for now. The next few blogs I saw were ALL talking about how Jesus Christ changed their lives. Not that I visited blogs with diverse content either but never mind.

And looking at all those blogs kind of let me find out why my blog isn't as noticeable as theirs.

How am I going to revamp this blog?