26 Sep 2010


Hmm... I'm blogging on a late Sunday night again. Hopefully this doesn't become a pattern... unless it's the school holidays :P

Have you seen the new Twitter layout yet? Personally I find it's kind of better in that you can cram more things in it without leaving the same page, and without too much cluttered text. It's pretty neat. Problem is, with the section full of tweets now aligned further to the left, some people's background images will now become partially covered. That's quite an issue for a significant number of Twitter users. Luckily(or not) mine has just a simple bitmap pattern tiled all over so it doesn't matter if it's blocked out by tweets...

Some things happened in this week... recently I got not one, but TWO iPhone 4s! Well, technically I didn't actually get them, they're for my brother and father. I kind of played around with it to see any differences from the previous version, and I can say that the screen display looks clearer. However, the voice command function is pretty limited and usually inaccurate. There aren't many commands it can accept, and it sometimes interprets what you said wrongly. A few attempts showed the iPhone trying to call the wrong contact several times.

I know my phone is spoiling pretty fast. For those who use Sony Ericsson handphones, you know that there is the... what do you call it... a sort of "phone jack" end found on the earphone attachments or the charger. And we have to employ the inefficient method of unplugging it by bending it slightly and pulling it out. I found that especially with my model, the gold contacts at the receiving end found on the phone itself wears off eventually, which leads to problems like incomplete charging, or a very fragile connection between the phone and the earphones. (Even when I walk, just the handphone shaking a little bit can disconnect the earphones already.)

Then again, I've been using this handphone for quite a while, and in fact it's probably the one I've used the longest so far(1 year plus?). So I know sooner or later I'll have to switch to a new phone, but right now smartphones are all the rage, especially the iPhone 4. Why am I using "but" in this statement? Actually I prefer to have a music phone, mainly because other than its primary functions of calling and texting, I'd also like to listen to music on the go.

"But the iPhone does that too!" Yes, but I also listen to the radio too.

"Then just download some app that does that!" That's actually web radio, which will cost me money(not immediately, but I will have to pay once I've used up the free data) since most of the time I'll have to use 3G given the fact that I usually listen to music on the move, where I wouldn't be able to connect to WiFi for even a few seconds.

"But the iPhone lets you use gazillions of apps! Wouldn't you want that?!?" Yes, that feature is really appealing, and I do like playing certain iPhone games. However, if I owned one I might lose self-control and start sneakily playing or using the iPhone in class during lessons. I certainly wouldn't want the iPhone to affect my studies a lot. AND I also don't want swarms of classmates wanting to try out my latest iPhone, not just because of the attention, but also because of the heightened risk that somebody may fiddle with it and damage it.

So for the moment, I would still want to have a Sony Ericsson Walkman phone, in spite of that annoying phone jack. I don't really need my phone to be able to access Facebook/Twitter etc, or play dozens of games on the go, but I still like having my daily dose of portable music.

(But who knows, maybe by the 5th/6th/7th version of the iPhone, I might give in...?)