26 Sep 2010


Hmm... I'm blogging on a late Sunday night again. Hopefully this doesn't become a pattern... unless it's the school holidays :P

Have you seen the new Twitter layout yet? Personally I find it's kind of better in that you can cram more things in it without leaving the same page, and without too much cluttered text. It's pretty neat. Problem is, with the section full of tweets now aligned further to the left, some people's background images will now become partially covered. That's quite an issue for a significant number of Twitter users. Luckily(or not) mine has just a simple bitmap pattern tiled all over so it doesn't matter if it's blocked out by tweets...

Some things happened in this week... recently I got not one, but TWO iPhone 4s! Well, technically I didn't actually get them, they're for my brother and father. I kind of played around with it to see any differences from the previous version, and I can say that the screen display looks clearer. However, the voice command function is pretty limited and usually inaccurate. There aren't many commands it can accept, and it sometimes interprets what you said wrongly. A few attempts showed the iPhone trying to call the wrong contact several times.

19 Sep 2010


I know a lot of my peeps(that word is so weird to me) have been staying up late at night watching soccer. So does this make me abnormal that I'm not as football crazy as them?

Anyway I thought of just popping in this post since I can't really sleep properly yet. Must have been the Coke I drank earlier. Somehow caffeine's power only kicks in when I try to sleep, otherwise I still feel tired when I'm doing stuff like homework. Or does academic-related stuff already have this sleep-inducing effect? That probably explains a lot of dozed-off students I see in my school. :|

You know, I think we should all make an effort to stay up really really late for one or two nights. Not for the purpose of trying to look like pandas or vampires. Rather, you get to notice things at night which you usually miss when you sleep. Even by just looking outside my window, my HDB area already looks different, even peaceful.

10 Sep 2010

Late Night Bloghopping


It's past 1am and I'm bored.

I'm going to snoop around.

Find me some new blogs which I find interesting.

And put some links here.

Let's go