29 Aug 2010

Just Thinking Back

Almost three quarters of 2010 are gone already. There are probably some students out there who must be thinking, OMIGOD I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S ALMOST END OF MY SEC SCH LIFE!!! MUST SPEND TIME WITH CLASSMATES BEFORE IT ENDS! I rather put the EOYs as a priority first before the partying and having fun. Who'd want to spend the December holidays in a bad mood after knowing you were horrible in the exams?

And yet, I can't really imagine myself being part of that graduation party/dinner together with my schoolmates. It might be because most of my class will move on into the JC side together anyway, but I think it's more than that. Somehow I don't really feel I can be as wild/fun-going/crazy as those in the same classroom as me. Most of my class is really united and have forged strong bonds that would be hard to break... and maybe hard to understand.

For some reason, I don't think I'm as able to trust other people as easily as they did.

15 Aug 2010

Let The Games Begin

First I'm sorry that I didn't manage to post in time last week, mainly because of all the mayhem happening due to the epic NDP + YOG combo. We had to go back on Saturday 2 weeks ago for a double celebration of National Day and the Olympic torch arrival. The performance items were so-so in my opinion, but the main thing is that we saw the torch bearer run on the red carpet(yes, really given the red carpet treatment), who passed it to our senior deputy headmaster, who then proceeded to light up the Olympic lantern meant to store the flame temporarily. Then we had simultaneous teacher vs students matches on the field which I wasn't too interested in, while the two mascots Lyo and Merly were wandering around our school taking pictures. Finally the flame left the lantern and 4 RI students participated in the torch relay. So there.

Then on National Day my family and I went to Marina Sands hotel(yes, that super high hotel with the pool on top) so we could get a nice view of the fireworks and fighter jets from the Padang later on. Tips: book your room MUCH earlier because it can get very crowded during major events like this, and order takeaway food to bring to the hotel because the food sold there can be EXPENSIVE. Oh right, the fireworks. Turns out we got more than we expected. Sure the fireworks were really spectacular... a bit too spectacular: we were actually too close to the fireworks, and we were on the 55th floor, about the same height as the fireworks themselves. Result: fireworks that almost explode in your face, and become too big to take photographs of properly. All we got were super bright flashes that looked nothing like the typical fireworks. So there.

1 Aug 2010

Are You Dreaming?

The whole Inception hype is still going around, and I think a lot of people's minds have been blown by the movie. But more people are also becoming more interested in dreams, particularly lucid dreams(dreams in which you are conscious that you are dreaming, while dreaming). They've seen the guys in the movie do it several times with a special machine, but unfortunately we have no such equipment to help us consciously participate in our own dreams! Still, it is possible to initiate lucid dreaming, although it would take a LOT of practice and determination to achieve such a state.

I can say that in almost all your normal dreams, you just simply "go with the flow" of the dream, not realizing that you're actually dreaming, until you wake up. Then you act all surprised/bewildered/angry/frustrated etc. that your dream didn't last longer and you just want to return to that dream, but you can't! So how do we make sure that we know when we're dreaming???

Interestingly, most methods are mainly about putting ideas deep in your head, kind of like performing self-inception! I heard many sources recommend that before sleeping, you have to consciously tell yourself that you WILL have a dream and that you WILL remember that you're dreaming. Sounds silly if you're saying that out loud, but that fixes that idea in your head, so that even if you drift into sleep, that idea may still resurface while you're dreaming. The more you do this, the more likely you'll succeed.