4 Jul 2010

Post-Exam Depression

I can't say that I was excited or jubilant on the way to school on Monday. It's probably the exact opposite. And it's because of exams!

Not that I'm taking more of them after the June holidays. Okay, maybe I had one short Chinese book test, but that's insignificant. Normally secondary students would have already known their exam results before the holidays started, but for RI it's quite different because we only got them within the first week of school! Almost all the teachers said that they need time to go through all the exam scripts, except for chemistry, for which our scores were already revealed.

Some of us might think it's better to release such results after the holidays because if their results sucked then they wouldn't spend the holidays depressed. But I rather have them revealed before because I don't want to be kept in suspense. I'm not sure which is worse, to spend your holidays feeling sad or anxious?

I'd rather not post my results on the World Wide Web for everybody to see, and maybe even spread to others. Let's just say I wish they were higher, although I didn't fail. At least it gives me one BIG FAT reason to work even harder for the EOYs, and later on the O Level Higher Chinese tests. I wish there were a Singapore Exams version of Breaking the Magician's Code, maybe like "Breaking the High-Scorer's Code: Exam Secrets Finally Revealed". It might be very popular over here, but it might also get a lot of complaints from other high-scoring students for exposing their tricks.

But what if having such a programme actually makes the teachers think the exam questions aren't hard enough? What if they go on and increase the difficulty of the exams?!? Maybe the show isn't such a good idea... :P

Besides exams, I still have a queue of projects to clear up, the closest one being the book club discussion. Luckily I heard there is something to look forward to: around National Day, the entire school would get a so-called 5-day weekend! Obviously Friday becomes a half-day, but on the following Saturday we have to go back to school for some YOG event, just to form part of the mass crowd. Then Monday is National Day, Tuesday is a school holiday for all schools I think, and RI then declared Wednesday a day off! :D I wish that entire 5-day break were moved so that it starts from Monday to Friday, but then again I can't change National Day.

I have to go off now, getting late, and have another project meeting tomorrow morning. For the @#$%*! book club thing. It's driving me nuts.