18 Jul 2010

Dream A Little Dream

Tonight I watched Inception, and I say that it is original, thrilling, emotional and ingenious!

ESPECIALLY the originality of the concept of dreams. I can't believe that someone can actually come up with an entire theory of dreams... and dreams within dreams. No wonder a lot of critics are simply astounded by this movie and gave it big ratings! But maybe this dream theory might be too complex for people to understand. So I'll try to explain it without any spoilers.(The explanations start after this paragraph.) But if you want to try to understand it yourself during the movie, STOP READING NOW!!!

12 Jul 2010

Clash of the Animal Prophets

From my friend's status:
Q. Compare the smartness of an octopus versus a parakeet. Explain your answer, giving relevant examples to justify your choice. Your answer will be marked using the LORMS. [20]
Sounds like an interesting challenge. Okay, I usually suck at writing essays. I won't answer in essay form, but I'm still intrigued by this question anyway. Is this even worth 20 marks???

For the clueless, recently two animals have emerged as having the ability to predict the outcome of the matches in the FIFA World Cup this year. Paul(or Paolo as some argue that he was found in Italian waters) is an octopus kept in an aquarium in Germany, and has successfully predicted all the matches that Germany participated in, even those which were lost. Mani is a parakeet kept by an Indian fortune-teller in Serangoon right here in Singapore, who has also displayed a similar uncanny ability. Mani has failed rarely, but at least he isn't completely focused on one country's matches only.

Paul's method of prediction: 2 boxes filled with mussels are placed into the aquarium, each one with a flag of one of the teams in the match. Paul then floats?/swims?/glides? to one of the boxes, and whichever country who's represented on the box would be the winning team. Usually Paul takes about an hour to decide, but recently he took only 3 MINUTES before picking Spain to win in the finals!

Mani's method of prediction: the fortune-teller puts 2 rolled-up pieces of paper with a country's name and flag printed on each one. Then Mani simply picks up one of them with his beak, and whichever one he picked would be the winner. Quite a simple method, but a very expensive one(I think $50 per soccer prediction!). However, Mani picked Netherlands to win the finals, and both animals can't be right at the same time(or maybe it'll end in a tie???), so one of them has to be wrong. I think some people are hoping it's Paul, because that would be more shocking than the other way around...

4 Jul 2010

Post-Exam Depression

I can't say that I was excited or jubilant on the way to school on Monday. It's probably the exact opposite. And it's because of exams!

Not that I'm taking more of them after the June holidays. Okay, maybe I had one short Chinese book test, but that's insignificant. Normally secondary students would have already known their exam results before the holidays started, but for RI it's quite different because we only got them within the first week of school! Almost all the teachers said that they need time to go through all the exam scripts, except for chemistry, for which our scores were already revealed.

Some of us might think it's better to release such results after the holidays because if their results sucked then they wouldn't spend the holidays depressed. But I rather have them revealed before because I don't want to be kept in suspense. I'm not sure which is worse, to spend your holidays feeling sad or anxious?