1 Jun 2010

Past Entry 5

3rd April 2010

Well! June is here already! That means that I've already gone through the first ordeal known as the mid-year exams. Unfortunately that also means I have even less time to prepare for the end-of-year exams. And I have absolutely know idea how I have done at this point, since I can't see into the future at this point of time too.

Even though the first thing that comes to mind at the word "June" is "holidays", I know that it will be accompanied by the word "homework". Seriously, is there like a level of activity which the school must maintain in students in Singapore??? It's not like we self-destruct or disintegrate if we're given too little work. Rather, I think that happens when teachers do the exact opposite.

Anyway, the more important word here is still "holidays". This is a really good opportunity to relax and charge up before the final leg of the marathon known as secondary education. Maybe I'll go to the Sentosa IR and visit Universal Studios, but so will hundreds -- even thousands of people will be there too, hogging all the attractions! Another alternative is the Pixar exhibition at the Singapore Science Centre, which is at its only stop in South-east Asia, so I'll need to catch it fast!

I still need to clear up the holiday assignments though. Guaranteed there will be Higher Chinese homework, and it's usually some kind of review. And there will be some tiny piece of homework that I'll forget and suddenly regain memory of it when the teacher asks for it, or when my classmates are discussing it. There'll probably be a group project of some kind that will require me to expand more of my holiday time to meet up with my group members. Can't the school be slightly more lenient on us Secondary 4 students? Since it's our final year, why not let us enjoy our remaining time instead of making us spend it by doing homework?

I just realised that by this time, this blog would already be two years old! My posts have definitely changed compared to back then, when I was probably trying to follow the "mainstream students" by putting up short stuff about me. Twitter takes care of that now! And to think this all started because I was bored while stranded at home with a fractured ankle... :P

Honestly, I can't believe I would only have half a year more of secondary school life, and my future self probably still won't believe it either. I really wish I could go back in time and discover new secrets of my school which I missed out in the past, because I vaguely remember anything in the past 3 years. I probably was too distracted to bother to care about cherishing certain memories. Maybe I'll learn more about the previous people I've met who are no longer in the school. Maybe I'll uncover interesting secrets which the school hid even before I came to the school!

Perhaps I need to speed up my production of Past Entries... :|