8 Jun 2010

Approaching the Games

Sorry for not posting for more than a week. Too preoccupied trying to squeeze all the fun out of the limited free time out of my pseudo-holidays. Right now I'm just blogging + watching the series finale of FlashForward, while there is a cool rain outside my window. I've been wondering why the guys in the show call it a FlashForward instead of a "vision"? Is it just an excuse to keep repeating the show title???

The Youth Olympic Games are approaching, which means a lot of training. And a lot of worldwide recognition too, but that's not the main thing. I think my school might end up being used for a few events too, but I'm not sure what. I guess we can treat this like a sports exchange, since everybody would get to know the standard of athletes outside their country. I suspect that China would be sweeping a LOT of medals, but who knows what would happen? Unlike FlashForward...

Have you heard the Youth Olympic Games theme song yet? It's been broadcast so many times on Channel 5, you might get the tune in your head. So I looked up the lyrics for the fun of it, see if there's any weird thing about it:

Walls are down
Hopes arise
Rings of the world unite

Every child
Has a wish
To glow like the stars above

Jessica ~ Bridge 1
Lift our voices as victories blaze
This is the day to win with grace

Raise your hand for our generation
Fly the flags of every nation
Reaching out for that moment in our lives
Raise your hand for our generation
Living out your aspiration
Time to fly way beyond the skies
A world that shines for everyone

Be the best
Go all the way
Friends beyond the race

Cheer the joy
Share the tears
The journey remains our pride

Bridge 2 *
Lift our voices as victories blaze
This is the day the world will shine on for everyone

Well, at least I know now it is quite well written actually. But does every child want to glow like the stars? And "Cheer the joy" sounds a bit weird...? The phrasing, maybe?

I really wonder how many people here would actually buy tickets to watch the games. People here haven't really been really enthusiastic about sports here; the sports scene down here is not exciting as like in the USA. They get so many sponsors to support sports events like college football, basketball, and baseball matches. And they also get a LOT of media coverage. We aren't as interested in our national sportsmen.

.....what??? So the second FlashForward happened, but now there's a new vision in particular that's leaving us to suspense. Ridiculous! And wasn't it supposed to be a series finale? Why didn't things wrap up??? Well at least Fringe is coming back! I just wished it would soon move back to 10pm so that I can watch it even after the school holidays. Actually, I've already watched the first few episodes, so I can afford to miss a bit. But after that I know nothing, which is a pity since it probably already finished in the USA. If only TV shows weren't that expensive, we wouldn't be that far behind! :(