27 Jun 2010

Last Day

Whoops! Sorry for not posting for a loooooooong time. I was too busy enjoying myself during the holidays, especially since it's *only* one month of freedom. It's rare that I am actually preoccupied with getting myself NOT preoccupied with work. Hope that didn't sound too confusing to you.

I have limited time on my hands. Perhaps I'll add another post to fill in extra details somewhere in the following week.

So far in the holiday I've gone to the Pixar exhibition at the Science Centre, watched the Fan Yang Gazillion Bubble Show(amidst screaming kids), done my school homework(whatever's the most urgent), and laze around. :P

That's about it I guess minus the details.

I'll add on to this post later. Bye... :(

8 Jun 2010

Approaching the Games

Sorry for not posting for more than a week. Too preoccupied trying to squeeze all the fun out of the limited free time out of my pseudo-holidays. Right now I'm just blogging + watching the series finale of FlashForward, while there is a cool rain outside my window. I've been wondering why the guys in the show call it a FlashForward instead of a "vision"? Is it just an excuse to keep repeating the show title???

The Youth Olympic Games are approaching, which means a lot of training. And a lot of worldwide recognition too, but that's not the main thing. I think my school might end up being used for a few events too, but I'm not sure what. I guess we can treat this like a sports exchange, since everybody would get to know the standard of athletes outside their country. I suspect that China would be sweeping a LOT of medals, but who knows what would happen? Unlike FlashForward...

Have you heard the Youth Olympic Games theme song yet? It's been broadcast so many times on Channel 5, you might get the tune in your head. So I looked up the lyrics for the fun of it, see if there's any weird thing about it:

1 Jun 2010

Past Entry 5

3rd April 2010

Well! June is here already! That means that I've already gone through the first ordeal known as the mid-year exams. Unfortunately that also means I have even less time to prepare for the end-of-year exams. And I have absolutely know idea how I have done at this point, since I can't see into the future at this point of time too.

Even though the first thing that comes to mind at the word "June" is "holidays", I know that it will be accompanied by the word "homework". Seriously, is there like a level of activity which the school must maintain in students in Singapore??? It's not like we self-destruct or disintegrate if we're given too little work. Rather, I think that happens when teachers do the exact opposite.

Anyway, the more important word here is still "holidays". This is a really good opportunity to relax and charge up before the final leg of the marathon known as secondary education. Maybe I'll go to the Sentosa IR and visit Universal Studios, but so will hundreds -- even thousands of people will be there too, hogging all the attractions! Another alternative is the Pixar exhibition at the Singapore Science Centre, which is at its only stop in South-east Asia, so I'll need to catch it fast!