21 May 2010

Past Entry 4

13th March 2010

I nearly forgot about the Past Entries!!! I suddenly remembered when Past Entry 2 suddenly showed up today... :P

It's the start of the March holidays. At least it's good that there's a break, but it's more like a tiny crack. One week is not my idea of "sufficient time to rest", especially when I'm Secondary 4 now and preparing for the final league of my secondary education.

The holiday homework also eats up quite some time into the holiday period too! I have homework assigned from at least 3 subjects(didn't bother to count). And I still have to go back to school anyway for guitar practice. The guitar ensemble's preparing for a competition, and I think we're entering the open category. Frankly I don't know if we're prepared enough. Individually the members may play well, but they may not be able to cooperate together as an ensemble of nearly 50.

In other news, the weather has been wreaking havoc by creating a long period of heat and drought. It has been predicted that such conditions would persist until June, but recently there has been some rain, including the drizzle outside right now. Because of the hot weather, I ended up getting mosquito bites and an irritating ulcer underneath my tongue. Perhaps my future self will have it better...

It's very unlikely that my future self will not waste any part of the June holidays playing computer games, watching movies, going out with friends etc, but this time it's the last year of secondary school! And I have Higher Mother Tongue 'O' Levels in November! I need all the time I can get to prepare myself for the final ordeal in my four years. Hopefully I'll still remember this in the future. And if I don't, this entry will serve as a WARNING TO MYSELF anyway.

Still, people encourage students to enjoy their school life as much as they can, especially to boys. Right after JC comes national service, which is the primary cause for delayed education in males, causing us to fall behind. There's nothing that can be done though. So some part of the holidays could still be reserved for getting along with my schoolmates, I guess.

I have to end soon, because later on my family and I are going to watch Breakout! You know, the non-verbal dance comedy? I think my future self will remember how funny it was/is(?), which I'm about to find out in a few hours time.