9 May 2010

Invasion of the Exams

My first exams are tomorrow. In fact, less than 12 hours from now. Even if I survive, I think I'll suffer heavy damage...

The last 3 years were easier to deal with, simply because the mid-year exams didn't exist in our school at that time! All we had were small common tests that contributed to our grades, slowly leading up to the year-end exams. And now? These common tests no longer had such value, and instead shifted towards the mid-year exams because "according to the school population, many complained about having too many tests". However many students, including myself, beg to differ, because we never even had such complains in the first place, and in fact we rather have the small tests than mid-year exams because it gives us more chances to bring up our grades! D:

Nothing that we can do about it now anyway. Just which kind of students did the school actually survey??? Definitely not my classmates...

The subjects I'm tested tomorrow are Higher Chinese and Social Studies. I suppose they could be considered as my "nightmare" subjects, but then again I'm worried about ALL of them anyway. For some reason there are always those particular questions that I answer wrongly, and later realise what the correct answer is after I've finished the test. Or even worse, I realise it when I have less than a minute left, and I desperately try to correct my mistake, but then the teacher says "TIME'S UP! PUT DOWN YOUR PENS!" in the middle of writing and then I become frustrated because I know I've already lost precious marks. Like when you suddenly know which wire to cut, but then the timer of the bomb is at 0:02, except in the exam I don't get blasted into tiny bits.

Although it does seem like my head is about to explode. I've been doing intensive revision recently, and it actually makes me more worried that I completely forgot about the past topics taught, when I'm supposed to reassure myself that I'm prepared for the test! If only diffusion really does work in this case, I'll just sleep with textbooks and notes all around my head and let the knowledge flow into my head... :P

Even though it is quite tempting, I still cannot completely relax after the exams, because it's still the middle of the year!(although it feels like the end) So lessons will still go on, and holiday assignments will be served from the teachers "with love". But this time we get the added bonus of humiliation or pride, depending on the results of our exams... and how we judge them: one guy may feel disappointed that he got "only 88%", while another is already glad that he passed, although barely. By the way, I kinda dislike the former kind because they're not worried about passing, or even getting a really good grade: some of them just want to achieve a perfect streak of A* or overall GPA 4.0. And they look as though they failed the test, even when their scores are much higher than yours! >:(

I guess this type of students are probably influenced by their parents, who pressure them into getting the highest in the entire class, if not the school, just to earn that fantastic scholarship or to be much better than the boy next door. Seriously, are marks really everything? Your score isn't the only factor in achieving your goals, other achievements will also come into play, even those which have nothing to do with school. Sometimes, I kind of feel sad for some of these students, because they most likely do not allow anything to interfere with school, not even their social life. There are exceptions which are able to balance both school and play together, but I imagine they would be either incredibly stressed but not showing it, or already used to this hectic lifestyle...

You know, maybe they should also have tests that test students on their EQ/AQ/whatever other quotients available, since being smart isn't the only advantage a person should have. It would be horrible if in the future, people were all incredibly smart and efficient in their respective fields, but are completely anti-social or even aggressive towards others. Would society progress if nobody's willing to cooperate, or only do so for selfish means? Perhaps schools should place more emphasis on moral education, or whatever they call it in the different schools.

ANYWAY, I've got this matter to deal with first, even if it's one day at a time. At least I still can do revision at home after the exams. The one day I HATE(other than tomorrow of course) is Friday, because I've got Biology + Music exams on that day. The problem is, my MEP exam only start FIVE HOURS after the biology paper ends, AND most people in Sec 4 here don't take MEP(or MSP/CSP), so when I finish the bio paper, (almost)my entire class will all be running out of the exam hall cheering and going to watch a movie, while I'm STUCK in the area for 5 hours! Even though I'm grateful that it gives ample time for revision, that's WAY too much time! If it weren't for the English + Chinese Lit papers, I might have finished at 1pm! AAARRRGGGHHH

...but for now, my only focus is tomorrow. May the Examination Gods guide me through the papers and give me knowledge + luck, because I need a lot of it. Like maybe an Olympic swimming pool.