3 May 2010


Oh god. The weather here is insane! I think a lot of people are all complaining about the heat wave, even those outside of Singapore. The plants are withering, people are sweating, water is evaporating... Everyone here is probably wishing for some rain, or at least more clouds to block out the sun.

The heat is surely making it harder for students to concentrate. In school, those who don't have the luxury of air-con classrooms are already having trouble paying attention to the teacher, and the teachers would probably be feeling to uncomfortable, thus affecting the lessons in general. Outside school, the heat becomes too unbearable for us to do revision, so some of us would flee towards the nearest library or café. The scorching heat also adds torture to those who drive cars; cars which happen to be parked in places without any shelter will instantly turn into a sauna room! Passengers will become victims of burnt bums, and the driver gets additional burns on hands(from touching the steering wheel).

I thought this series of heat waves was already done a month ago, but it seems like it hasn't finished. I suppose the earlier prediction of this horrible weather ending in June is becoming more likely. As if it wasn't bad enough, tonight the movie Sunshine is showing! >:( Just seeing the blazing sun close up makes one person feel hot again!

I'm just hoping that the weather will really cool down in June. After all, that's a good period to rest and enjoy ourselves for a while; if the heat wave persists, it would (slightly) ruin the holidays! And it wouldn't seem as rewarding to students who just finished the mid-year exams either. It would just feel awesome if we are awarded with showers of rain...

You know, there have been some people who have been saying that this is a clear consequence of global warming. Problem is, it's too hard to deal with that problem directly because of issues concerning money, politics, ethics, science advancement etc. And some people aren't even sure if there really is global warming and weather it will bring the end of the world. If only there were an easy way to just take all this heat energy and use it as power, especially since we currently have plenty of it!

Somehow, the movie Sunshine reminds me of The Core. Both movies have a similar plot structure: something is happening that will cause Earth to die out, so a team is sent to some place HOT to fix the problem. In The Core, the Earth's core is about to stop spinning, thus affecting the magnetic fields and causing the planet to be fried by the sun's cosmic heat rays. So a team is sent to drill down to the core and make it spin again, but they have to make some painful sacrifices. In Sunshine, the sun is about to die out, so another team is sent to make sure it keeps burning, again sacrificing some people. But Sunshine is a bit more complex: there is a saboteur on board, planning to thwart this mission! And it is the least person expected! So this movie has horror elements in it too!

I won't give away too much, so I think it's best to watch both movies and make a comparison. And you should probably watch the movies in a cool environment. :P