30 May 2010


I prefer to call them by that because it gives you an incomplete sense of freedom. Although it temporarily allows us to enjoy lesson-free periods, the holiday homework and CCAs and holiday remedial lessons keep us deeply rooted to the schools. It's basically extending the leash of the dogs, but they're still attached to the leash. Not that I'm saying that schools treat us like dogs, though.

Sooooooooo, I have Chinese + English work. Even though it's just two subjects(I think it's only these two, can someone clarify???), there's still a lot of work for each of the subjects. Chinese homework consists of a big compilation of newspaper article reviews, and preparation for a book test. Except that this "book" is a Chinese student magazine with tons of articles inside, and I have to go through ALL of them because I don't know which ones the questions will target! There are probably more than 20-30 articles in there if I'm not wrong...

English is not really better off; besides the showcase portfolio(mentioned a few posts back I think), there's the reading assignment again. This time, instead of individual work, the format becomes something like a book club discussion. We all read up on a book, and then each person discusses on different aspects of the book. The problem is, there are only individual marks given, which depend ENTIRELY on the content you have to discuss, and what you're given to discuss might be based on your luck...

23 May 2010



This afternoon, the 23rd of May 2010, Dr. Goh Keng Swee's funeral was broadcast live in Singapore. Many people, including Members of Parliament, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, and Minister Mentor Lee Kwan Yew attended the funeral.

Even though Dr. Goh's an alumnus of ACS, and I'm from RI, he's still a founding father of Singapore, who has in numerous ways contributed to her development into what she has become today. Hence, even RI students should pay their respects to him, and recognise his efforts.

From Wikipedia:

21 May 2010

Past Entry 4

13th March 2010

I nearly forgot about the Past Entries!!! I suddenly remembered when Past Entry 2 suddenly showed up today... :P

It's the start of the March holidays. At least it's good that there's a break, but it's more like a tiny crack. One week is not my idea of "sufficient time to rest", especially when I'm Secondary 4 now and preparing for the final league of my secondary education.

The holiday homework also eats up quite some time into the holiday period too! I have homework assigned from at least 3 subjects(didn't bother to count). And I still have to go back to school anyway for guitar practice. The guitar ensemble's preparing for a competition, and I think we're entering the open category. Frankly I don't know if we're prepared enough. Individually the members may play well, but they may not be able to cooperate together as an ensemble of nearly 50.

17 May 2010

The Good & the Bad

Whew! Quite a relief that my mid-year tests are over! The pressure was insane, and the examination venue was freaking cold! I wouldn't be surprised if a penguin was spotted in there making itself comfortable. Nevertheless I managed to do my (supposed) best. And over the course of the next few days the horrifying truth will be revealed...

...but I still have one LAST test for the first semester, and that's the MEP group performance. It really feels like the last troublesome barrier I have to jump over, while everybody is still in euphoria over the fact that they managed to conquer the exams. It's seems unfair to me, but then again I'm the one who wanted to join the MEP in the first place, so I'll make do with that. But come on, why have the practical test IMMEDIATELY after the exam week?!? After a runner has just completed a marathon, do you ask him to join a sprinting competition after that? Even then, the runner would have already warmed up quite a lot, but in my case I had ABSOLUTELY NO TIME to practise with my partner at all in the last few weeks! I'm sure a lot of people would have gone rusty without that much practice.

However, it's definitely too late to do anything about it, especially since the practical's tomorrow T.T That's why I took the last few days to quickly catch up and smoothen out as many kinks as possible. It's really like praying for a miracle to happen, and I don't think the teachers realise that at all. Or maybe they do, but then they think we might be able to sacrifice our precious revision time for our music, which in our situation is basically a bad move. I just wish they moved the practical to next week, and prevent us from being heavily handicapped because of our tests...

9 May 2010

Invasion of the Exams

My first exams are tomorrow. In fact, less than 12 hours from now. Even if I survive, I think I'll suffer heavy damage...

The last 3 years were easier to deal with, simply because the mid-year exams didn't exist in our school at that time! All we had were small common tests that contributed to our grades, slowly leading up to the year-end exams. And now? These common tests no longer had such value, and instead shifted towards the mid-year exams because "according to the school population, many complained about having too many tests". However many students, including myself, beg to differ, because we never even had such complains in the first place, and in fact we rather have the small tests than mid-year exams because it gives us more chances to bring up our grades! D:

Nothing that we can do about it now anyway. Just which kind of students did the school actually survey??? Definitely not my classmates...

The subjects I'm tested tomorrow are Higher Chinese and Social Studies. I suppose they could be considered as my "nightmare" subjects, but then again I'm worried about ALL of them anyway. For some reason there are always those particular questions that I answer wrongly, and later realise what the correct answer is after I've finished the test. Or even worse, I realise it when I have less than a minute left, and I desperately try to correct my mistake, but then the teacher says "TIME'S UP! PUT DOWN YOUR PENS!" in the middle of writing and then I become frustrated because I know I've already lost precious marks. Like when you suddenly know which wire to cut, but then the timer of the bomb is at 0:02, except in the exam I don't get blasted into tiny bits.

3 May 2010


Oh god. The weather here is insane! I think a lot of people are all complaining about the heat wave, even those outside of Singapore. The plants are withering, people are sweating, water is evaporating... Everyone here is probably wishing for some rain, or at least more clouds to block out the sun.

The heat is surely making it harder for students to concentrate. In school, those who don't have the luxury of air-con classrooms are already having trouble paying attention to the teacher, and the teachers would probably be feeling to uncomfortable, thus affecting the lessons in general. Outside school, the heat becomes too unbearable for us to do revision, so some of us would flee towards the nearest library or café. The scorching heat also adds torture to those who drive cars; cars which happen to be parked in places without any shelter will instantly turn into a sauna room! Passengers will become victims of burnt bums, and the driver gets additional burns on hands(from touching the steering wheel).

I thought this series of heat waves was already done a month ago, but it seems like it hasn't finished. I suppose the earlier prediction of this horrible weather ending in June is becoming more likely. As if it wasn't bad enough, tonight the movie Sunshine is showing! >:( Just seeing the blazing sun close up makes one person feel hot again!