18 Apr 2010

Title of the blog post.

Optional greeting. Brief summary of what recently happened in my life, usually school.

Complaint about schoolwork/being bored/life in general.

Introduction to some topic that may or may not be relevant to earlier content.

1st possible place to indicate boredom, therefore a need to discuss such a topic.

More elaborate content on brought-up topic, perhaps citing some sources if necessary.

Interruption of content at "More" link. (Only can be seen on the blog site itself)

Continuation of content from "More" link.

Even more content on the same topic.

Wrap-up of topic.

2nd possible place to admit my boredom which lead me to do such a post.

Thoughts of what may happen in my life in the near future.

Extra statements, followed by a trail-off(usually filled with pessimistic sentiments)...

...or a question?

Or maybe an optimistic/funny thought!

*Note: this is just one possible way of me writing such a post. Which usually indicates I'm bored, if you haven't found out yet. And which is exactly what I'm feeling now.*