25 Apr 2010

I (?) School

School can really be the source of most of my problems. For example they have strict rules on hair, like no hair touching the ears/collar, no hair covering the eyes etc. And that's why I just had a haircut just now. I'd rather have my hair cut late in the night than have it cut by the barber and end up a few dollars poorer, and walking away with a stupid haircut that will surely damage any person's self-esteem. I've seen several victims before, other than newly enlisted NS men.

Another problem is the exams. Although it is the most standard method of seeing how much a person has learnt, it is also a very pressurizing one that causes unwanted stress before, during AND after the exams! There have been a portion of students that have freaked out because they still don't remember how to differentiate a certain expression, or how to test for reducing sugars in a sample, or what factors are important for a society to progress and become a civil society, or what's the difference between a tombolo and a spit...

Then comes other things like projects and competitions that come and fill in the gaps in your life that are not already occupied by the exams. Because they think that the education system wouldn't be complete without it. Normally packages are better the more stuff there is in it, but it's the opposite in this case. Even the new show Singapore Talking is going to touch on the question of whether we are over-stretching our children here. I wonder if there will actually be secondary students who will call in and voice their (obvious) opinions?

And yet I hear so many people who have finished their compulsory education saying that their school days were their best. It may sound perplexing to some students, but I think it's a little bit like when young children say they can't wait to grow up, and by the time they're teens they wished they didn't grow up so fast. Maybe students here usually are already having high hopes of what to expect once they finish school(and for males, national service): they can gamble, buy and consume alcohol, basically live independently. But I think this might be just the influence of media or America, where young adults down there are granted a lot of freedom.

The big reason why so many people liked their school days is mainly because before that they didn't have to deal with earning their own money, raising their family etc. They were given an opportunity to play and have fun with others(at the right time, obviously), and were still allowed to follow trends(working adults who are in the know along with teens are usually labeled as weird). And what these people did was just go to school and learn; now they have to go and work for a living, which is even more mundane!

I guess the best thing that students should do is to know how to balance between school and leisure; we cannot neglect our studies, but we can still make the ride enjoyable. We should pay attention in class, but we can still interact via idle chatter(IN BETWEEN LESSONS!). We can still occasionally go out with our friends for a movie, but not so much until we don't attempt to do any homework!