25 Apr 2010

I (?) School

School can really be the source of most of my problems. For example they have strict rules on hair, like no hair touching the ears/collar, no hair covering the eyes etc. And that's why I just had a haircut just now. I'd rather have my hair cut late in the night than have it cut by the barber and end up a few dollars poorer, and walking away with a stupid haircut that will surely damage any person's self-esteem. I've seen several victims before, other than newly enlisted NS men.

Another problem is the exams. Although it is the most standard method of seeing how much a person has learnt, it is also a very pressurizing one that causes unwanted stress before, during AND after the exams! There have been a portion of students that have freaked out because they still don't remember how to differentiate a certain expression, or how to test for reducing sugars in a sample, or what factors are important for a society to progress and become a civil society, or what's the difference between a tombolo and a spit...

Then comes other things like projects and competitions that come and fill in the gaps in your life that are not already occupied by the exams. Because they think that the education system wouldn't be complete without it. Normally packages are better the more stuff there is in it, but it's the opposite in this case. Even the new show Singapore Talking is going to touch on the question of whether we are over-stretching our children here. I wonder if there will actually be secondary students who will call in and voice their (obvious) opinions?

18 Apr 2010

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10 Apr 2010

Bohemian Rhapsody

Just yesterday morning, a school choir from I-forgot-the-place-but-it-has-St-Andrew's-in-it came to our school to perform a few songs in our atrium. The one that has a very tall ceiling. The one that disperses sound until its quality gets reduced significantly. The one that allows other sounds from outside(e.g. students playing, laughing) to leak in and further ruin the performance. Nevertheless, it was still a great performance. They even proved their flexibility by singing songs from different genres and styles, like Christian songs, old pop songs, barbershop etc.

One thing that was quite unique was their rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody. They stuck as close as possible to the original, and the piano part was played out exactly. Then I wondered, how did such a song really get so famous? I suspect that the accompanying music just sounded nice and memorable, because the lyrics are very odd! Not that they completely don't make sense, but the lyrics are more abstract than those in most songs.

Bohemian Rhapsody was performed by Queen and written by band member Freddie Mercury, for their album A Night at the Opera, which is probably why there is an operatic segment in the song. Like the title suggests, the song's structure follows more closely to a rhapsody, so it has no chorus or recapitulation of any kind. It managed to stay at the top of the UK Singles Chart for 9 weeks, and again for another 5 weeks, right after Mercury's death! By the way, the operatic segment is made of only the band members' vocals, layered numerous times to create the choir effect. (Yes, the high part is sung by another band member, Roger Taylor!) At that time they could mix only 24 tracks at a time(I think), so no wonder it took 3 weeks to complete just that part!