28 Mar 2010

A Small Blackout

Yesterday, several countries around the world all participated in Earth Hour, by turning off their lights at 8.30pm local time for one hour. The Bird's Nest stadium in Beijing, Changi Airport in Singapore... but not everybody was into it, at least for Singapore.

It seems that although some places in the city did participate, it wasn't so happening in the heartland areas. I saw a news report showing that most Singaporeans don't seem to be in the act yet. They took photographs of one housing flat area, once during Earth Hour, and once in the same time span, but on the next night. There wasn't much difference at all: there were still about the same number of rooms lighted up!

The main reason why they didn't participate could most likely be unwillingness; they either don't want to spend their time at home in darkness, or don't think that turning the lights off for one hour would make that much of a difference. Some of them don't even know that Earth Hour exists in the first place! It's not entirely because they don't bother to find out about it; a portion of the residents who live in the flats may not be fluent in English, so they may not understand what Earth Hour is about in the first place...

Actually I also noticed that there wasn't any significant difference in my area either, it didn't go darker by a lot at all... I think many people just forgot about it. Even my family members were wondering why the heck I turned off all the lights at home last night!

I think firstly, there should be more effort in promoting this event, maybe through newspapers. Then there should also be translated versions in major languages. Perhaps there should even be an exhibition here to just educate the public on how Earth Hour would make a difference, and also other ways to save the earth(switching off lights for an hour alone is definitely not enough).

Maybe next year there will be a much better effect from Earth Hour 2011. Why not just convince people that doing this will stop "the end of the world" in 2012??? :P