7 Mar 2010


One more week to the March holidays. Time isn't really on my side, is it?

Although I do find that the holidays give me some time to rest, I think schools are just too worried that we'll completely forget what we've learnt in school. It's even more ridiculous for the March holidays when it's only a week long! Typically, teachers will pile on extra holiday homework for students, who then have to deal with going back to school for CCA.

This isn't really a school holiday period: it's just a week without lessons!

I'm not saying that the holidays are so packed up by school stuff that I don't have time to do leisurely things, but perhaps the schools should loosen up a bit. It's near impossible that all the students get their memories of whatever they learnt in school completely wiped out of their heads. One exception would be when a super villain uses an amnesia-inducing weapon on all the schools and cause Singapore's education system to suffer. (DO NOT USE THIS IDEA!)

Unfortunately against most students' wishes, we can't extend the holiday periods. We're actually lucky having these four holiday periods, which is usually more than in other countries that only get summer and winter breaks. We're lucky to get a chance to rest every three months or so, while they have to endure for about 6 months...?

There's not much students can do in one week, though. Maybe enough for an overseas holiday for a few days, but that means less time left to settle homework! Also, for some schools the holidays are the only period to quickly settle projects, since it's the only time when students have more free time to meet up or conduct surveys/interviews or whatever.

And yet every time when I go back to school after this pathetic one-week break, someone(usually the head prefect or principal) will say something like "I'm sure we had a good rest during the holidays!", which means the person is unusually enthusiastic. Perhaps he/she had extra coffee that morning. Sometimes it's "I hope you had a good break", which shows that the person him/herself did not enjoy the holidays either. So far, those are the versions I've heard, but maybe there will be new ones.

Going to end soon, need some sleep. I would have wrote more if it weren't for my IRRITATING BROTHER trying to disturb me while I'm typing this.

And life unfolds further, revealing more surprises...