21 Mar 2010

Fun's Over... for now

Bleargh. One week's up. Doesn't seem capable enough of giving anybody "a good break" that lets us "recharge and prepare for the next term". I bet most guys in my school don't even have the energy to last through the week!

Right now there's this TV magic program Keith Barry: The Escape - Live. Don't think I'll have time to watch the whole show(or write a proper post) though. Most parents think that letting their child sleep earlier will make them wake up earlier and become less tired in school the next day, especially right after a holiday. For me it is kind of the reverse: when I sleep later I tend to get that effect! This can work even on weekends, although my parents usually think I'm just sleeping all the way till 10 or 11am, but actually I just went back to sleep again after waking up at 7!

(Speaking of magic, I wish my problems will disappear like magic too...)

One thing that usually happens right after the holidays is that I have a nagging feeling that I forgot something, but I just don't know what until the teacher or a classmate brings it up. Strangely it doesn't matter how much time the teachers leave for us to do the homework, I'll always miss something. I wonder if other students suffer from this too?

I already expected that this holiday week wouldn't give most students enough relaxation or joy, and yet I still had this weird feeling like I'm hoping that perhaps a pleasant surprise may come along the way that may make the holiday more enjoyable or longer. Very unlikely, but the small possibility is still there. Smaller than the probability that a random person can guess the card chosen and the word written on it...

I was just wondering, if magicians really don't reveal their secrets, how do other magicians learn tricks??? There has to be some people teaching them but do not come out in the open. It's even harder to invent tricks that nobody's done before, so I bet there must be a LOT of experiments done to perfect the trick... and several people to judge it, which are probably the same people who are sharing their knowledge in secret. Surely they should get a share of the money the celebrity magicians make, since they deserve it for teaching the magicians in the first place!

One important reason why the common celebrity magicians are famous is that they aren't limited to tricks normally performed by the stereotypical top-hat magician carrying a deck of "normal" cards or splitting assistants in half. They tend to throw in unexpected elements into the mix, e.g. burning, swallowing. Or they simply use whatever's around them, especially belongings from a volunteer who's "never met the magician before"(quotes used because sometimes the volunteer is actually planted). They even put extra precautionary measures to give the impression that there's no way the magician can cheat, e.g. wearing blindfolds, letting the volunteer hold the card at all times, rolling up long sleeves etc, although I think things would have been set up before hand to get around these obstacles.

Some of these magicians now also learn magical escapes: magician gets trapped somehow, setup explodes(optional), magician comes out unscathed and at a completely different location, and much faster than expected. Oh, and everything happens live in front of an audience. Sometimes a few audience members are picked "at random" to inspect the setup which the magician will be trapped in, maybe by throwing some object "randomly" over the back and letting him/her catch it, like a ball. Even if the volunteers are randomly picked and are not secretly assisting in the trick, the props used may have a certain feature that may be overlooked by them. For example in a trap room there might be a certain secret trapdoor that needs a special mechanism to open, or is concealed by mirrors or panels.

As for the reappearance of said magician, there are two theories I know: the magician has already escaped about a minute or two ago, and simply made his way to the location, OR a stunt double is used! If there are other theories come up, I'm curious.

Hopefully more magicians will emerge and move on to more unexpected displays of magic. We need more originality in this field! There are probably lots of people who know card magic and maybe making small objects disappear, but few know how to take it further and make the tricks complicated, like conjuring a chosen card and leaving it stuck in the glass of a window(David Copperfield managed to do that).

Now I wish I had a different type of magic: one to control time! Then holidays will last much longer as intended. Or maybe I'll go back in time and completely nullify the existence of NS or whatever. Or maybe I can even freeze time and then sleep for as long as I like, whenever I like, and I don't have to worry about oversleeping and being late for class!

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh..... :(