28 Mar 2010

A Small Blackout

Yesterday, several countries around the world all participated in Earth Hour, by turning off their lights at 8.30pm local time for one hour. The Bird's Nest stadium in Beijing, Changi Airport in Singapore... but not everybody was into it, at least for Singapore.

It seems that although some places in the city did participate, it wasn't so happening in the heartland areas. I saw a news report showing that most Singaporeans don't seem to be in the act yet. They took photographs of one housing flat area, once during Earth Hour, and once in the same time span, but on the next night. There wasn't much difference at all: there were still about the same number of rooms lighted up!

The main reason why they didn't participate could most likely be unwillingness; they either don't want to spend their time at home in darkness, or don't think that turning the lights off for one hour would make that much of a difference. Some of them don't even know that Earth Hour exists in the first place! It's not entirely because they don't bother to find out about it; a portion of the residents who live in the flats may not be fluent in English, so they may not understand what Earth Hour is about in the first place...

21 Mar 2010

Fun's Over... for now

Bleargh. One week's up. Doesn't seem capable enough of giving anybody "a good break" that lets us "recharge and prepare for the next term". I bet most guys in my school don't even have the energy to last through the week!

Right now there's this TV magic program Keith Barry: The Escape - Live. Don't think I'll have time to watch the whole show(or write a proper post) though. Most parents think that letting their child sleep earlier will make them wake up earlier and become less tired in school the next day, especially right after a holiday. For me it is kind of the reverse: when I sleep later I tend to get that effect! This can work even on weekends, although my parents usually think I'm just sleeping all the way till 10 or 11am, but actually I just went back to sleep again after waking up at 7!

(Speaking of magic, I wish my problems will disappear like magic too...)

One thing that usually happens right after the holidays is that I have a nagging feeling that I forgot something, but I just don't know what until the teacher or a classmate brings it up. Strangely it doesn't matter how much time the teachers leave for us to do the homework, I'll always miss something. I wonder if other students suffer from this too?

12 Mar 2010

Past Entry 2

12 Dec 2009, around 11pm

Well at least this entry is a bit further ahead into the future than my first one.

On this day, I'm watching Miss World 2009 live tonight. One important point: Miss World is different from Miss Universe, which means this has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH RIS LOW. Anyway, this pageant is held in Johannesburg, and the intro was quite energetic. Hmm, I'm not sure what Miss Singapore World's national costume's like, if there's any.

Hang on, now there's this event called Dances of the World; it DOES show off all the national costumes! And it looks pretty lively too! However, I have absolutely no idea what Miss Singapore World would dance or wear now, but I don't think everybody might dance anyway. Miss Japan looks like the most delicate dance, with one of the biggest dresses worn. Others' dances were quite lively! At least this made the national costume showcase livelier...

7 Mar 2010


One more week to the March holidays. Time isn't really on my side, is it?

Although I do find that the holidays give me some time to rest, I think schools are just too worried that we'll completely forget what we've learnt in school. It's even more ridiculous for the March holidays when it's only a week long! Typically, teachers will pile on extra holiday homework for students, who then have to deal with going back to school for CCA.

This isn't really a school holiday period: it's just a week without lessons!

I'm not saying that the holidays are so packed up by school stuff that I don't have time to do leisurely things, but perhaps the schools should loosen up a bit. It's near impossible that all the students get their memories of whatever they learnt in school completely wiped out of their heads. One exception would be when a super villain uses an amnesia-inducing weapon on all the schools and cause Singapore's education system to suffer. (DO NOT USE THIS IDEA!)

Unfortunately against most students' wishes, we can't extend the holiday periods. We're actually lucky having these four holiday periods, which is usually more than in other countries that only get summer and winter breaks. We're lucky to get a chance to rest every three months or so, while they have to endure for about 6 months...?