21 Feb 2010

"Tweet This!"

Yay! I added a "Tweet This" link to the end of my blog posts. Not sure if it works though, need someone to test it out. I can't do it because it'll look silly if I tweet that I'm reading my own blog posts... :S

I'll make this short. I wanted to post this yesterday, but I was too busy helping out my brother in composing music. And this is another song, but I won't say for which event yet. I'll just say the organizer of this competition is quite well known to Singapore.

And speaking of Twitter earlier, I've gotten a boost in Twitter activity. I seem to be tweeting more often and following more people now, compared to before the CNY break. Probably because I finally had the time to do so.

You know, I've found that on Twitter there are three main groups of people, and I use the Follower/Following Difference [the number of followers the person has - the number of people he/she is following] to judge:

The first group consist of people/groups which are already MEGA famous before they joined Twitter, e.g. Lady Gaga, Bill Gates. Their F-f value (I'll be using this short form) is a super huge number(easily over a thousand) which means they have a HUGE number of people following them, more than the number they follow. They don't even need to work hard to get that number of followers on Twitter; they just suck them in like magnets without trying!

The second group of Twitter users have a F-f value between ± a few hundred. Such a user either is not very active(have very low number of followers and don't follow a lot of people), or has managed to get a lot of people to follow him/her by following them back in return(and hence have big "followers" and "following" numbers). They may not be MEGA famous, but they can still leave a noticeable impression in the Twitter world.

The third group of Twitter users have a very negative F-f value, as in their number of followers are much less than the number they follow. These users also tend to be the ones that attempt to gather as many followers as possible by following as many users first. They hope that sooner or later it will pay off and get promoted into one of the first two categories, usually the second.

...and I'm part of the third category. I'm following more than twice the number of followers I have! I kinda went snooping all around for celebrity accounts, and some users that automatically follow back ALL followers... :P

By the way, my Twitter name is @btcprox for those who don't know. Hopefully with more people informed, they can follow me now... :)

Off to bed soon... I can't believe we're about one-tenth(?) into the year already...