24 Jan 2010

A Simple Experiment

I'm not sure if you've heard of this before, but I've definitely already told some people about this incident that happened about 2 years ago. Maybe one and a half, but I'm positive that I was in secondary 2.

It was supposed to be Maths next, but our maths teacher was late. My class of 31 guys was chattering away about who-knows-what and wandering around the classroom.

Now I have known that some students in this school like to just join other people in whatever they're doing. And in most cases it tends to be unnecessary/pointless things they're doing. For example, when some guy suddenly shouts BOOMZ, others who know him might join in the BOOMZ parade, and maybe utter things like "bigini", "leopard preens", "loud and rad", "something that shouts ME" etc. Or if someone suddenly coughs loudly, others around him might start imitating his cough until a teacher yells everybody to shut up.

So I wondered if my class will also do the same thing.

To test this, I just started clapping. That's it. Clapping. Not clapping while dancing or clapping because a VIP stepped into the classroom. Just clapping. The whole idea was to see if I can get everybody to start clapping too, even though they were initially minding their own business.

After a while, one of my classmates started clapping, while asking me, "Why are you clapping???"

I just told him to continue clapping, and watch what happens. It's more fun when you can share the result of your hilarious experiment with somebody. It leads to more LOLs.

After a few minutes, I heard more clapping. And more. And it just spread like a virus until the entire class was clapping loudly and energetically, without even caring about why! I was already laughing at this outcome.....

.....then the math teacher came in. Now the clapping even evolved into cheering for our teacher the moment he stepped in!!! The clapping, cheering, and the confused look on the teacher's face, all produced a very silly scene! I couldn't stop laughing, and neither did the first guy who started clapping along with me! Of course, all this stupid excitement died down because we had to start the lesson proper.

You know, this experiment looks kinda similar to a nuclear-fission reaction; just like shooting a particle and making an atom split up causes more atoms to split up, just one person clapping can make more people clap until it becomes explosive noise.

I don't know if only my class is optimal for this kind of reaction, and I don't dare try it in my class. I want to see if the same effect happens in other classes, or maybe in other schools. (How about other countries?!?) Maybe this could become a new project you can research on... :P

(To all those who were in my sec 2 class, now you know the truth behind this bizarre event :D )