24 Jan 2010

A Simple Experiment

I'm not sure if you've heard of this before, but I've definitely already told some people about this incident that happened about 2 years ago. Maybe one and a half, but I'm positive that I was in secondary 2.

It was supposed to be Maths next, but our maths teacher was late. My class of 31 guys was chattering away about who-knows-what and wandering around the classroom.

Now I have known that some students in this school like to just join other people in whatever they're doing. And in most cases it tends to be unnecessary/pointless things they're doing. For example, when some guy suddenly shouts BOOMZ, others who know him might join in the BOOMZ parade, and maybe utter things like "bigini", "leopard preens", "loud and rad", "something that shouts ME" etc. Or if someone suddenly coughs loudly, others around him might start imitating his cough until a teacher yells everybody to shut up.

So I wondered if my class will also do the same thing.

16 Jan 2010

Achievement (Un)Locked?

I thought that now that I don't have to do any Research Education project this year, the other projects should be easier. Nope.

Now I have this epic task of making a showcase portfolio, where everything I have done in my 4 years of secondary school will be relieved and presented in its glory...? What have I done that is so fantastic and marvelous? I can only think of two, and the rest is pretty dull and ordinary. Oh right, not only do I have to compile all my so-called "achievements"(well some are good achievements), I also need to reflect on them. Why did I do this at that time? What could I have done better? What did I learn from this? Who did I do this with and why? What leadership skills did I practise? How could I apply what I had learnt from this? Questions, questions, questions!!!

And I think there's also oral defense involved, which means even more questions that are either annoying, confusing, or possibly unanswerable because it happened 3 years ago and you completely forgot what happened then! Really, my secondary 1 year is a complete blur to me now; I only remember certain instances from the orientation camp and other miscellaneous things. Secondary 2 isn't much clearer, maybe except for the last few days where everybody had nothing to do since exams were over and lessons were converted into leisure time.

9 Jan 2010

First Week

Wow. I didn't expect so much to suddenly come at me in school, especially for the first week. I thought it would be more relaxed because of the first lessons with your new teachers, and the mandatory explanation of the 2010 syllabus. Speaking of which, the school stopped with the practice of small common tests that contribute to your grades, and instead revert back to old-fashioned mid-year + end-of-year exams. While this dramatically reduces the number of important tests, this also adds pressure on the importance of these major exams; we don't have any other tests to boost our score if we screw up... :(

The first day, which unfortunately happened to fall on a Monday(insert Garfield reference), was quite short. No lesson at all, just so-called "teacher-student interaction" for one and a half hours. Of course most of that time was spent on the "student" part. And then all the sec 4s went for the Castles Can Fly thing, meant to foster interaction and stronger bondage between batch-mates, and further emphasize the importance of teamwork. Why are we doing this when we've done 3 other orientation programmes for the last 3 years? Maybe one is not enough, but four might be too much.

What is this Castles Can Fly is all about? The whole batch is split into 3 major "tribes" named after the 3 main colours of the school(wanna guess?). The scenario is that we are the only ones left on Earth in the year 2040 and we are supposed to build our own future schools, based on what our tribes focus on. Two questions come to my mind: Why are we building schools at the age of 45 or 46?!? And if we students are the only survivors, is there any point of surviving further since there's no way to... ahem... repopulate?

1 Jan 2010