11 Dec 2009

Time Capsule (START)

I suddenly had this idea today: since Blogger can schedule posts to come out at a specified date and time, maybe I could start out a "time capsule" in my blog! I could write about my current situation and only publish them in the future, perhaps letting you the audience, as well as I, be better able to remember the past, or see how the past is different/similar to the future.

Perhaps I should start one now, after finishing this post first...

The real time capsules we often refer to are those containers full of stuff in the current time period, meant to be secured and later retrieved in the future, maybe 20 years, even 100 or more. Some time capsules get buried underground, others are sealed in an indoor space. Choosing the stuff to be stored is crucial, as they relay as much information as possible about our time to those in the future. Candy wrappers and shoes may not be as useful as a diary or a video clip.

Apparently after officially sealing the time capsule, you should inform the International Time Capsule Society of your time capsule. I didn't even know such a society existed! This organisation has been documenting all time capsules since the 1990s, which is actually quite recent considering that many other time capsules have originated centuries ago.

But what I'm doing isn't really a time capsule, but more generally a "blast from the past". I probably would only post into the near future, not like the next few decades or centuries! (Come to think of it, with all these 2012 fears spreading all the effort put into time capsules might be wasted should the end of the world come.)

So I'll start the first one afterwards. See if you can find it!