19 Dec 2009


A long time ago, someone who I know read my blog posts(I didn't even know that), and said that my blog posts sound more... mature. He said that he also looked at other blogs written by others also in their teens; most of them(maybe all) just talked about stuff like school, friends, teachers, gossip etc, and actually made him feel old. Great, now I just gave a clue to his age.

Well, I do find that some posts fit into the "typical teen-like" category. Sounds a bit like this:

bleh. had a horrible day at school, damn screwed up. i ended up getting a late slip even though i'm past the gate just before the school started flag-raising. wtf?!?!? another reason why i hate these screwed-up prefects.

then later mr teng told us to separate the tables for the math test. THERE WAS A MATH TEST?!? he didn't even say a single s**t about a test!!! also the teacher kept dropping stupid remarks just cos we were "dragging the tables in a slow and noisy fashion". he even threatened to start the time regardless of whether we're ready or not. this is why i hate maths... >:(

later on still got scolded by ms see for not finishing the freaking assignment yesterday. come on, nobody expects a student to finish two compos in one night! the school should make teachers do the homework they assign to make sure the homework is ACTUALLY DOABLE. i swear the teachers are sadistic. or unsatisfied with their pay.

at least the rest of the day wasn't AS screwed up. but still horrible in general. my bus took like 90 MINUTES to arrive. then i saw jerry on the bus talking to some girl. W. T. F. jerry has a girlfriend??? who the heck would be interested in a fag like him??? meh, i don't think he'd come and get revenge on me anytime soon; he probably already knows that he's a fag. he even ADMITTED it.

before typing this, i found another blog by randomly clicking the "next post" button. this guy keeps talking about how teenagers end up writing their blogs so immaturely, saying we just talk about school, friends, small gossip etc. DUH? isn't that what blogs are for??? HE might be the guy who needs to know how to blog! :P

Okaaay... I'm not sure if this is really the so-called typical teenager voice adopted in such posts, simply because I don't really read that much of that material. And I don't intend to do such intensive research either. Besides, any more of this and more people would probably start saying that "there's nothing wrong with that, it's just the way people want to write."

Now I realized that putting the quotes makes the sentence look more sarcastic and aggressive...

Honestly, I thought of doing that same thing also when I first started this blog. You know, talking about daily stuff in my life with a little dash of opinion and a pinch of humour and wit. And then I realized that if I did that, everything would sound even more boring that what I'm writing now. (Note the use of the phrase EVEN MORE) So I ended up with this style. Balanced fact + opinion.

So I'll be off to Batam tomorrow! I probably won't be on Facebook or Twitter or Blogger or whatever, but for just one day; I'm coming back on Monday night, so it's just a short time to unwind.