21 Dec 2009

Past Entry 1

11 Dec 2009

All Past Entries will come in this format: the day I wrote this(not published) will be in bold at the top. The rest of this post shall be in italics. If you have no idea what the heck these Past Entries are about, refer to this post.

I hope nothing phenomenal happened in between this time and the time you're reading this post. I only sent it a few more days ahead, so no meteor/hurricane/earthquake/(any other natural disaster) should occur. And if the world is to end today, then the Mayans and other people who predicted this end missed it by a few years.

I also planned this post to be published the exact time I click the Publish Post button, so that when you're reading this it would be exactly 10 days from that moment. Now nothing should have changed much; this is merely a test, and I may dive further into the future next time.

I might even use this idea to fill up times of absence, e.g. NS, overseas holidays etc.

So if I'm not wrong, and no random interruptions occurred, this should be the case on 21st December 2009:

  • The winter solstice would have happened earlier today: link
  • The Making of Avatar would have shown tonight on channel 5: link
  • Christmas movies may be popping out
  • Many students are probably rushing to finish their holiday homework

Right now the current situation is that New Moon fever is high at this point, but I suspect it may dip to allow Christmas spirit to take over, considering that it's 4 days away. I haven't gone for a holiday yet, but there might be plans for a short trip to Batam or something. When you're reading this I might have already come back from the trip, or still currently enjoying it.

Lady Gaga's Bad Romance is currently out, and many people are already hooked to it. I wonder if she'll release another single on Singapore radio anytime soon...

I might be too busy to be online on 21st Dec at 9 pm, because there's a chance I may be at an event or concert or something, even though it's a Monday.

Now, I'll let Time do its work. I'll be very surprised if all or none of the predictions came true...