30 Dec 2009

The First Decade

I know that some people say the first decade of the second millennium has been quite... "colourful". This is the time when terrorism really became super serious and scary, and this was first sparked by the Twin Towers bombing in 2001. Since then, security has definitely tightened a few notches, though maybe not as strict as in that year.

Most people probably had visions of what the second millennium would be like, whether we'll have flying cars, friendly interaction with aliens, ultra-cool devices/gadgets etc. We're still kinda far off from that "futuristic" scene, but we're getting closer anyway. I'm not sure if I would get to experience and participate in the envisioned "future", but it would be so damn cool if it were possible within the century!

This decade isn't just the first 10 years of the second millennium(a bit tricky to spell), it's what I consider the first 10 years of my life. Even though I'm going on to sixteen, the earliest memory I have is one in kindergarten, in 2000. All that I remember about my life is only contained within this decade. These are the only memories I have so far, which I can depend on to remember and relearn. Hopefully in the next decade I'll get WAY MORE pleasant memories...

Also, this decade is probably the time when music suddenly exploded and diverted into so many different developed genres. Well, maybe it already started in the 90's, but it's probably more obvious in the 00's(or is it 2000's? I don't really know). Icons started popping up everywhere, and music became super diverse, and musicians were bolder enough to extend the boundaries and reinvent themselves, including some so-called "oldies" in the past few decades. With new and still-developing technology within access, obviously new sounds can be created and leave more options for their music.

Well, I did find that because of that, people kind of paid more attention to the accompanying music in songs than to the singing, so even if the lyrics were meaningless or repetitive, listeners just enjoyed the beats and rhythm going along with it. Speaking of the technology earlier on, Autotune also became a huge phenomenon, that was originally just used to correct pitching, until people like Cher started using it extremely and creating sudden "jumps" between pitches, which a lot of people thought sounded cool. This was to be repeated many years throughout this decade by a LOT of singers, too many to mention. Maybe in the next decade somebody will develop another tool which produces another cool audio effect nobody's heard before!

Anyway, I don't think I'll be going anywhere to count down to the new year, I'll probably just do the same thing and watch the celebrations at the floating platform on TV, while I prepare for another "First Post of 2010" at the stroke of midnight. Thank goodness New Year's Day is on a Friday, it will give everybody 2 days to recover! Bad news is the school/work week starts on a MONDAY.... :( :( :(