6 Dec 2009


I'm downstairs right now on my couch, waiting for the ads on the TV to finish. Watching FlashForward now, and if time and my family permit, Heroes. Last time I checked the charity show on channel 8, they've collected about $1.6 million; can they go for $1.8 million?

Oh look, FlashForward's back! I'll stop for a while...

Hmm, in the middle of the show, one character talked about a scientist's "alternate worlds" theory: for every decision we make, the impact of the other choice(s) we didn't pick would be reflected in the alternate worlds which we live in. For example, since I learn the piano, there may be an alternate version of myself in another world who didn't pick it up, and may be living a completely different life than mine. Quite an interesting theory, and I actually thought of such a thing before. If only I could find a way to travel through all the different worlds...

Hang on, Heroes just started. Will continue... (sorry for the interruptions)

Come to think of it, time manipulation also lets you see the impact of your decisions: letting you understand the future consequences completely before even implementing the move. However, all this time travel isn't completely uniform in concept: some say that the future consequences are unchanged, so the decision to be made must be made; others think that the future can be changed along with the decision. So it is unclear if knowing the future can help at all, which is similar to what's happening in FlashForward.

The third way to understand what your decisions do might be similar to being the Ghost of Christmas Present, as in knowing the current situation of all parties involved without disturbing anything. Maybe you might find out that more people may actually react differently if you did something, or discover that more people want you to do it than not at all.

But for now, there's no choice for all of us except to take a risk and hope that the decision we make is the best one and achieves the desired results. There's no way to anticipate the unexpected, but at least we still have an idea of what might happen.

Decisions, decisions...