3 Dec 2009

Commercial Break!

Whoops! Sorry that I haven't posted for a long time! :P I was preparing for my piano diploma exam yesterday, which was freaking early in the morning...

...If you're wondering why I'm taking another diploma exam when I've already finished one long ago, it's because this is a different level of diploma: the one I took yesterday is harder than the previous one...

At least now I only have holiday homework left. Then again, I shouldn't be using the word "only"; even for just one subject, my Chinese homework is still quite a lot! I know that there are probably dozens who also have yet to attempt to complete any assignment either, but some are worse off in that they get homework from every single subject! :(

Anyway, I have just one month left to relax and enjoy freedom. Maybe long ago I would have said "still one month left", but time doesn't just fly, it pilots a fighter jet. Even though I don't here a sonic boom at all.

Right now I've been looking at various videos on YouTube. Each time I always look for videos of a particular topic, and today I've been watching lots of funny commercials. I should post them down here:

Heineken Walk-in Fridge...

...and it's follow-up:

Next time, no music:


Misleading scenario, but there IS some truth in there:

Figure out what the symbol on the head means:

What's the use of lying in the end? :\

The effect shouldn't be that quick...

That's one powerful product: