31 Dec 2009

2009 + 1

Currently, Singapore is about 4.5 hours from 2010. Might still be enough time to go and search for a place to spot some fireworks clearly, maybe even hear the soft boom it will produce right after the explosion of light. I'm definitely not going anywhere out tonight, and am content with just watching the celebrations on TV. Not watching now though, Godzilla's on now. Why does the last movie on Channel 5 for 2009 have to be one that ridiculous? At least end the year with a better movie...:P

So, while waiting for the 11pm live broadcast, I'm blogging. And I'm eating M&M's, and the special orange-flavoured ones. Unsurprisingly they are only coloured orange and white. Which is why my left hand has some fingertips stained by orange food colouring. So I have to painstakingly type this post with my right hand only. I can't stand the frequent typos i keep making!!! (Now I know better what people with only one able hand have to deal with, out of the daily numerous challenges)

30 Dec 2009

The First Decade

I know that some people say the first decade of the second millennium has been quite... "colourful". This is the time when terrorism really became super serious and scary, and this was first sparked by the Twin Towers bombing in 2001. Since then, security has definitely tightened a few notches, though maybe not as strict as in that year.

Most people probably had visions of what the second millennium would be like, whether we'll have flying cars, friendly interaction with aliens, ultra-cool devices/gadgets etc. We're still kinda far off from that "futuristic" scene, but we're getting closer anyway. I'm not sure if I would get to experience and participate in the envisioned "future", but it would be so damn cool if it were possible within the century!

This decade isn't just the first 10 years of the second millennium(a bit tricky to spell), it's what I consider the first 10 years of my life. Even though I'm going on to sixteen, the earliest memory I have is one in kindergarten, in 2000. All that I remember about my life is only contained within this decade. These are the only memories I have so far, which I can depend on to remember and relearn. Hopefully in the next decade I'll get WAY MORE pleasant memories...

24 Dec 2009

Christmas or "Axe-muhs"?

One thing I've always wondered about around Christmas time is why the word Christmas is usually abbreviated to Xmas and nothing else? The common answer/theory is that the X, which looks like a cross, is supposed to signify the crucifixion/crucification/however you spell it of Jesus. It did seem to make sense at first, but then it also seemed to be a bit too simple as that to me...

Then I found another possible theory here:

21 Dec 2009

Past Entry 1

11 Dec 2009

All Past Entries will come in this format: the day I wrote this(not published) will be in bold at the top. The rest of this post shall be in italics. If you have no idea what the heck these Past Entries are about, refer to this post.

I hope nothing phenomenal happened in between this time and the time you're reading this post. I only sent it a few more days ahead, so no meteor/hurricane/earthquake/(any other natural disaster) should occur. And if the world is to end today, then the Mayans and other people who predicted this end missed it by a few years.

I also planned this post to be published the exact time I click the Publish Post button, so that when you're reading this it would be exactly 10 days from that moment. Now nothing should have changed much; this is merely a test, and I may dive further into the future next time.

19 Dec 2009


A long time ago, someone who I know read my blog posts(I didn't even know that), and said that my blog posts sound more... mature. He said that he also looked at other blogs written by others also in their teens; most of them(maybe all) just talked about stuff like school, friends, teachers, gossip etc, and actually made him feel old. Great, now I just gave a clue to his age.

Well, I do find that some posts fit into the "typical teen-like" category. Sounds a bit like this:

bleh. had a horrible day at school, damn screwed up. i ended up getting a late slip even though i'm past the gate just before the school started flag-raising. wtf?!?!? another reason why i hate these screwed-up prefects.

then later mr teng told us to separate the tables for the math test. THERE WAS A MATH TEST?!? he didn't even say a single s**t about a test!!! also the teacher kept dropping stupid remarks just cos we were "dragging the tables in a slow and noisy fashion". he even threatened to start the time regardless of whether we're ready or not. this is why i hate maths... >:(

11 Dec 2009

Time Capsule (START)

I suddenly had this idea today: since Blogger can schedule posts to come out at a specified date and time, maybe I could start out a "time capsule" in my blog! I could write about my current situation and only publish them in the future, perhaps letting you the audience, as well as I, be better able to remember the past, or see how the past is different/similar to the future.

Perhaps I should start one now, after finishing this post first...

The real time capsules we often refer to are those containers full of stuff in the current time period, meant to be secured and later retrieved in the future, maybe 20 years, even 100 or more. Some time capsules get buried underground, others are sealed in an indoor space. Choosing the stuff to be stored is crucial, as they relay as much information as possible about our time to those in the future. Candy wrappers and shoes may not be as useful as a diary or a video clip.

6 Dec 2009


I'm downstairs right now on my couch, waiting for the ads on the TV to finish. Watching FlashForward now, and if time and my family permit, Heroes. Last time I checked the charity show on channel 8, they've collected about $1.6 million; can they go for $1.8 million?

Oh look, FlashForward's back! I'll stop for a while...

Hmm, in the middle of the show, one character talked about a scientist's "alternate worlds" theory: for every decision we make, the impact of the other choice(s) we didn't pick would be reflected in the alternate worlds which we live in. For example, since I learn the piano, there may be an alternate version of myself in another world who didn't pick it up, and may be living a completely different life than mine. Quite an interesting theory, and I actually thought of such a thing before. If only I could find a way to travel through all the different worlds...

Hang on, Heroes just started. Will continue... (sorry for the interruptions)

3 Dec 2009

Commercial Break!

Whoops! Sorry that I haven't posted for a long time! :P I was preparing for my piano diploma exam yesterday, which was freaking early in the morning...

...If you're wondering why I'm taking another diploma exam when I've already finished one long ago, it's because this is a different level of diploma: the one I took yesterday is harder than the previous one...

At least now I only have holiday homework left. Then again, I shouldn't be using the word "only"; even for just one subject, my Chinese homework is still quite a lot! I know that there are probably dozens who also have yet to attempt to complete any assignment either, but some are worse off in that they get homework from every single subject! :(

Anyway, I have just one month left to relax and enjoy freedom. Maybe long ago I would have said "still one month left", but time doesn't just fly, it pilots a fighter jet. Even though I don't here a sonic boom at all.

Right now I've been looking at various videos on YouTube. Each time I always look for videos of a particular topic, and today I've been watching lots of funny commercials. I should post them down here: