7 Nov 2009

Wrap Up

That's what the school did to the year of 2009. Not with wrapping paper, but with speeches and other final notes. Probably just as effective anyway.

2nd Last Day

Due to the horrible weather that day, the planned inter-class basketball competition got cancelled and we watched a movie instead. Which makes me kind of think that the weather wasn't that horrible...

The entire secondary 3 batch was split into three groups, each getting to watch a different movie in a different lecture theatre(finally used as a different kind of theatre). I ended up watching Life Is Beautiful (La vita รจ bella), a 1997 Italian film set around WWII. It shows in the first part how the narrator Joshua's parents, Guido and Dora, met, through the many clever tricks Guido employed. Everyone laughed in the theatre when his tricks worked. Also, Guido works as a waiter, and has a friend/doctor, who is obsessed with riddles(which are actually quite tricky).