31 Oct 2009


It's really one heck of a storm I've experienced so far in just the last few days. Probably as scary as Halloween...

Yesterday I was staying back for my CCA. Normally my CCA (guitar ensemble) required me to just come on Mondays and Wednesdays, but I ended up in the main ensemble now that the secondary 4 students are about to leave. I cannot really call this a promotion because first, ALL MEMBERS will end up in the main ensemble eventually, and second, I never did anything especially outstanding that would get anybody's special attention to refer me to the main ensemble anyway. Anyway now that I'm in the main ensemble I have a three-day schedule that partially messes my life up.

Around the time when the conductor first got everybody to play, thunder exploded right outside the room. By the way, the room is quite small and air-conditioned, with unidentifiable patches on the floor. There are windows too, so I could see the havoc occurring outside right after we finished:

To call it a heavy rain is a bit of an understatement; there was so much water rushing down towards the ground that visibility was poor and I couldn't see the condos that are near the school! The clouds were so gray they actually looked a bit yellowish(weird), and there were so many lightning flashes, it was as though some god/diety up there was bored and decided to play darts with lightning bolts, using us as the target...

I never thought that this freakish weather would happen again today. The sky was quite clear and the air was cool from the rain the previous night, and it was actually hot in the late afternoon... until more masses of precipitation gathered in the sky. Cue the frequent lightning and waterworks.

It might be a good enhancer for the mood since it is Halloween: the lightning and gales can make any haunted place look a bit more like a Transylvanian place. Still, too much of it can ruin any event. I can imagine the costumed people running through the rain to the next party, with cloaks getting soaked and makeup running down their cheeks.

However, what's even worse is the fact that the Subaru challenge is happening right now. For those who don't know what that is, the Subaru challenge is held yearly, whereby the contestant who leaves his hand on a particular spot on the car the longest wins the car! The problem is that you don't get a choice as to where you place your hand; you get a random pick from numbered balls!(or so I heard) Recently, the challenge extended to include other challengers from other Asian countries like Malaysia, Taiwan etc.

This challenge sounds simple, but it requires extraordinary stamina and some strategy is involved. Stamina is required to brave the weather while you leave your hand on the car, since this is an outdoor event. Strategy is needed, because there are only four 5-minute breaks everyday for every quarter of the day, including the wee hours of the morning. Hence, you'd need to plan what to eat and drink, as well as what position to adopt depending on where your hand is.

This year the challenge is probably at its toughest, because of the extreme weather described earlier. No doubt they would be drenched, and a considerable number would fall sick. Even though this is a competition, they should still put their health as first priority. I heard that during one year, some guy started having serious hallucinations that he didn't even realize his hand was off the car and thought he won moments later!

So, to all those celebrating Halloween, have fun! And to those still in the Subaru challenge, hang in there! Never mind that the record was at least 81 hours, just focus on outlasting the rest! :)

(10 years later I might be at a Halloween party instead of being stuck with a hand on a car)