23 Oct 2009


...my school exams are OVER!!! XD

It feels so good to type that(maybe not like shouting it out in a classroom full of enthusiastic students, but the significance is still there), and it's also nice to have my new toilets + piano room!

Well, actually the toilets and piano room were done a few weeks ago, but didn't go around announcing it at that time, due to the exam period. Now the toilets look much more updated and more vibrant, and we even have a glass door! The piano room is also nice, also with sliding doors, but it is really hot and stuffy in there! (quite inevitable since it's a small space) The sound insulation took quite a lot of effort to get it right, but at least now it sounds better than without the insulation at all... the echo from the piano just bounces off everywhere and lingers for at least 3 seconds!

Speaking about piano, I still have one more exam to go through in December(?), and hopefully can do better than last time, especially since they raised the standards recently...

Sigh, even though I was done with all my exams in school today, I was still stuck in school -- to try to get into an RA(Raffles Academy) subject. Next year the school will launch the RA Music class, and I decided to go for it. There were very few people who turned up, though. Not sure if there would be enough for a pilot class.

Well at least I'm still thankful for MEP that I don't have to go to school on Monday! Why? This year, the school also decided to replace the MEP EOY paper with a take-home assignment that will account for 40% of our marks, which I have already done earlier! Maybe the other elective programmes might try this method too, otherwise it would mean one more subject to study before the papers.

As for now, I wish all the rest of the RI students, who unfortunately have to come back on Monday for the final exams, the BEST OF LUCK! And enjoy the rest of the year!

(Hmm, maybe the blog website needs some changes here and there...)