31 Oct 2009


It's really one heck of a storm I've experienced so far in just the last few days. Probably as scary as Halloween...

Yesterday I was staying back for my CCA. Normally my CCA (guitar ensemble) required me to just come on Mondays and Wednesdays, but I ended up in the main ensemble now that the secondary 4 students are about to leave. I cannot really call this a promotion because first, ALL MEMBERS will end up in the main ensemble eventually, and second, I never did anything especially outstanding that would get anybody's special attention to refer me to the main ensemble anyway. Anyway now that I'm in the main ensemble I have a three-day schedule that partially messes my life up.

Around the time when the conductor first got everybody to play, thunder exploded right outside the room. By the way, the room is quite small and air-conditioned, with unidentifiable patches on the floor. There are windows too, so I could see the havoc occurring outside right after we finished:

23 Oct 2009


...my school exams are OVER!!! XD

It feels so good to type that(maybe not like shouting it out in a classroom full of enthusiastic students, but the significance is still there), and it's also nice to have my new toilets + piano room!

Well, actually the toilets and piano room were done a few weeks ago, but didn't go around announcing it at that time, due to the exam period. Now the toilets look much more updated and more vibrant, and we even have a glass door! The piano room is also nice, also with sliding doors, but it is really hot and stuffy in there! (quite inevitable since it's a small space) The sound insulation took quite a lot of effort to get it right, but at least now it sounds better than without the insulation at all... the echo from the piano just bounces off everywhere and lingers for at least 3 seconds!

Speaking about piano, I still have one more exam to go through in December(?), and hopefully can do better than last time, especially since they raised the standards recently...