26 Sep 2009


Oh my god. It's been edges since I last posted! This blog really gathered up quite a bit of online dust and is nearly going stale.

But not even half as dusty as my house right now.

Currently my house is undergoing renovation works, specifically the bathrooms and a new future piano room! We can't use the showers, so we all have to bathe downstairs with a pail of water. In other words we go back to the kampong lifestyle. I also can't use the computer room near one of the bathrooms because of all the dust and moving of stuff.

Because of all the noisy hacking and tiling, there has been a hell lot of dust in the place! That's why I'd rather stay in school until around 5+, so that whatever work going on would have been finished for the day when I reach home.
During this very large period I spend stuck in school, I start revision. What else? The EOY exams are coming, and there's not much point wasting time not doing that. Even if I found other things to do, I'd still end up bored and resort to revision anyway...


This blog missed out on quite a lot of stuff. It hasn't experienced the controversies of Riz Low talking about her leopard preens and other things that explode, or the debates over whether Singapore Idol really does have talent. But soon, this blog will liven up again, after the exam period. Then maybe I can start talking about which subjects I nearly failed in, my future holiday plans, the reminiscent memories of my school life, but definitely my new bathrooms and future piano room!

For now, I'll start posting again when the dust settles... figuratively and literally.