8 Aug 2009


Singapore's going to celebrate her 44th year of independence tommorow. I don't call it a birthday because she existed a few hundred years ago, and didn't just suddenly materialise out of thin air in 1965! Still, our progress was rapid, and we didn't give up.

Want to know a little more about Singapore?(especially foreigners) Here's some essential knowledge about Singapore, which might come in handy when you come to this island:

  • Official name: Republic of Singapore
  • Near Southern tip of Malaysia (not going to explain where Malaysia is
  • Also called Temasek, and then Singapura(lion city)
  • Modern Singapore founded by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles in 1819; established as trading port
  • Occupied by Japanese Soldiers during WWII, renamed Syonan-to during the 3-year-plus period
  • Became independent from Britain in August 1963, joined many other states to form the Federation of Malaysia
  • Due to racial tension, Singapore became independent from Malaysia on 9 August 1965, which is the date we are celebrating now
This small nation really has achieved a lot within nearly 200 years. And we've not shown signs of slowing down or stopping either; in fact, with the addition of the integrated resort later on, as well as the F1 night races held here, we'll probably get another big boost!

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