5 Jul 2009

War Of The Worlds

Currently watching the TV premiere of War Of The Worlds now. Very thrilling and exciting!

Basically, a storm comes and there are lots of freaky lightning flashes, then all electrical appliances stop working, and alien robots get activated underneath and wreck havoc in the area. Soon, more robots destroy more parts of the world with their deadly(but super cool) death ray(turns everybody into dust - without destroying anything on them!)

The protagonist in focus must now escape from these monsters, together with 2 children he was supposed to take care of. With everybody in the state of desperation and panic, people start to do unthinkable things, like forcefully hijack someone's car by killing the driver, making viewers wonder who are the bigger monsters in the situation...

They took the opportunity to get onto a leaving ship that would escort survivors to a safer place, leaving the extra unfortunate ones behind. However, another alien robot surfaces underwater, overturning the ship and forcing everybody out to swim for their lives. Very unlucky...

Ah well, I shouldn't reveal too much. Watch the rest of the movie on your own if you haven't yet!