25 Jul 2009


Tonight I went to watch Half-Blood Prince(finally!): it was quite thrilling and sometimes humorous too. Now The Illusionist is showing on TV. Which is why I decided that as the topic.

Definition of magic: any art that invokes supernatural powers. Or as I prefer to think, any kind of phenomena that currently cannot be explained logically. We see it almost everywhere: children's birthday parties, witchcraft, etc, and became a subject in stories like Harry Potter. However, how did magic first come about?

19 Jul 2009


Since Half-blood Prince is showing in cinemas now, and Goblet of Fire is on TV too, I thought of sharing some bits of trivia on this series.

If you were still trying to guess, the above names are part of the Harry Potter Series, in case the post title still didn't give a big enough hint...

12 Jul 2009


...can't make a post with sufficient length. Can't think of anything before I go to bed.

I somewhat dread the next week... :|

5 Jul 2009

War Of The Worlds

Currently watching the TV premiere of War Of The Worlds now. Very thrilling and exciting!

Basically, a storm comes and there are lots of freaky lightning flashes, then all electrical appliances stop working, and alien robots get activated underneath and wreck havoc in the area. Soon, more robots destroy more parts of the world with their deadly(but super cool) death ray(turns everybody into dust - without destroying anything on them!)