7 Jun 2009


Sheesh. All Sec 3s have to participate in the Youth Writers Awards Asia 2010 competition. We all have to write a short story between 500-800 words, "describing the nature of individual love and passion for sport(s) including values such as friendship, the will to go the extra mile, honesty, fair play, hard work, respect for everyone regardless of differences etc. They can share their dreams, true feelings, joys, frustrations or special memories they may have about sports through the medium of the short story."

This is particularly tricky for me, when I hardly play sports at all! I don't really like sports that much, but I can't change the theme, especially since the 30 winning stories will be "published in a book, which will be used to promote the awareness of Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games to all 3,600 participants and the winners of the Youth Writers Awards Asia 2010."

You know what the top 5 prizes are? For a non-Singapore resident, "A 5D/4N all expense-paid trip for 2 (winner + guardian) including return trip + hotel accommodation in Singapore. Also tickets for 2 to attend the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games." And for the Singaporean, "A return air trip for 2 (winner + guardian) to a destination in Asia. Also tickets for 2 to attend the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic." I can't really decide where to go yet should I win the competition(very unlikely), given the unstable economic situation and the weird freaky acts of nature scattered all over the world...

Argh! What do I write for this??? I wish they change the theme to something that everybody knows about, like global warming...

Oh, by the way, the website of this competition is given by this link.