28 Jun 2009


Last day of school.

Dreadful or exciting?

I still wish the school will announce its closure like on the radio or on the news...

And now it's raining. Just adds on to the mood...

The only good thing is there's no CCA for now. Which means shorter school days.

I have this indescribable feeling now...

25 Jun 2009

Da Vinci

Well I went to the Da Vinci exhibition at the Singapore Science Centre today. Kinda interesting examining all his artworks and inventions, as well as his sketches of machines and human anatomy.

They also had one big area dedicated to one of his most famous works, Mona Lisa. Someone actually used a multi-spectral camera with a super high resolution to take pictures of the painting, allowing the "invisible colours"(e.g. infra-red spectrum) to be seen, and even revealing hidden details, like a painted-over finger.

Also, the painting had been treated with varnish. The varnish deteriorated over the years, thus causing the original colours to appear different and make the painting look like what it is now. After having digitally removed the varnish layer, experts managed to reproduce Mona Lisa in her true colours(nice pun?). Instead of everything looking yellowish and dull, more vibrant colours are seen.

17 Jun 2009

100th post (and important notice)

Not such a good way to use up my 100th post, but never mind. I just need to say that I'll be away on holiday in Malaysia from tomorrow onwards, so I probably won't be spending as much time on the computer, if at all.

At least Malaysia doesn't have H1N1, but that may mean a lot more people would go there too...

Oh, and spend the rest of the school holidays properly! Finish up all urgent and important matters, then go and relax!


8 Jun 2009

Karoshi Suicide Salaryman

Another game featured on the blog! I didn't bother to put it up as the main game of the blog, because it has morbid content.

Karoshi in Japanese literally means "death from overwork", hence is a term for occupational sudden death. And that's what the game is mainly about. Basically, you play a worker who's objective is to, well, die, unlike most puzzle games.

Simple and morbid as it sounds, there are hidden tricks/glitches in almost every level. This is really one of the very rare games that make your own death look fun and satisfying!

Try out the game, if you dare...

There is also a sequel: Super Karoshi

7 Jun 2009


Sheesh. All Sec 3s have to participate in the Youth Writers Awards Asia 2010 competition. We all have to write a short story between 500-800 words, "describing the nature of individual love and passion for sport(s) including values such as friendship, the will to go the extra mile, honesty, fair play, hard work, respect for everyone regardless of differences etc. They can share their dreams, true feelings, joys, frustrations or special memories they may have about sports through the medium of the short story."

This is particularly tricky for me, when I hardly play sports at all! I don't really like sports that much, but I can't change the theme, especially since the 30 winning stories will be "published in a book, which will be used to promote the awareness of Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games to all 3,600 participants and the winners of the Youth Writers Awards Asia 2010."

You know what the top 5 prizes are?