30 May 2009

A Year On (and a bit more)

About a year ago(I missed it by 12 days!) I started this blog, simply because I was too bored staying at home all day with my leg still in my cast. I fell down the stairs in such a hurry running down the stairs, and I got a hairline fracture.

Even though the first post was quite short, it started something new for me. I got the chance to "voice" more opinions on my own, and I sort of improved my vocabulary.(And my coding skills...?)

Now, I'm in the same spot, without a cast, and having a nice bottle of Pepsi.(Sorry Coca-Cola fans.) My blog had evolved quite a bit compared to when it started, but the black and white theme sticked. Why black and white? Maybe it's because I have a stronger connection with the piano? Or it just looks cool??

Anyway happy birthday to the blog!

I must remember to schedule the birthday post next year... >:(