24 May 2009


I've gone through almost all of the games in Rhythm Heaven already! Once I got a "Superb" rating in all 50 mini-games, the "Perfect"s just kept coming since there's nothing else left to accomplish...

Anyway, SAF is back again! Not Singapore Armed Forces, but the Singapore Arts Festival! This year, the annual series is held from 15 May to 14 June, which is a good time as people can relax either during or after the period of chaos(exams, projects etc.) It's too bad I missed the opening act (Helios) last week because I had an exam a few days later... :(

At least last night I got to watch Sutra at the Esplanade. Sutra is a unique blend of Western and Eastern elements, fusing dance with martial arts, accompanied by an ensemble who were hiding behind the transparent screen at the back of the stage. There were also deep concepts explored, so don't watch the show just to see martial skills. Now if only I knew beforehand that they served free Coca-Cola Light an hour before the show... :(

Another performance that I'll be watching later on is The Magic Flute at Victoria Theatre. This performance takes on a unique South African interpretation on the original production, which sounds quite interesting. I wouldn't know what to expect yet.

In spite of the economic crisis, you can still enjoy a series of free performances at the Esplanade called Flipside. I did catch a glimpse of the rhythmic painting performance right after we finished watching Sutra, but there were too many people in front to get a clear view.

So go ahead and watch a performance this holiday(or near-holiday) period, whether you're willing to pay for it or not. It's a good way to enjoy yourself and learn more about Singapore's art scene too!