16 May 2009

Rhythm Heaven!

I've only seen people upload videos of them playing this game, but I only realized how fun this is when I tried it myself(and my brother too)!

Rhythm Heaven is a game heavily dependent on your sense of rhythm, as the name suggests. You use the stylus to perform different tasks on the screen(mainly tapping and flicking) according to the rhythm.

However, sometimes the rhythm shifts by getting faster, or emphasizing on a different beat etc, which can mess up your timing! Also, for every few tasks completed, you will have to complete a "remix", which includes bits of everything you have learnt from each game so far!

The songs are quite catchy and fun/nice to listen to, so no annoying loops anywhere. You also unlock rewards for completing some of the games with a "superb" or "perfect" result.

One unique thing about this "perfect" system is that completing a game without a single mistake does NOT mean you get a perfect result; you have to wait for the game to give you the opportunity(comes randomly) to go for a perfect. Another thing: you are given a few tries to get it perfect, or else you have to wait for the chance to come again... :(

Here's a preview of what's in the game: