24 Apr 2009

Teachers (and Students)

Sure, the teachers in your classroom are meant to guide the students on their right paths, but sometimes their behaviour may not be, well, a nice example. Teachers, don't take it more as an insult, but more of a guideline.

Students, do you hate it / find it annoying / think it's weird when teachers...
  • End up answering your question with an even longer and complex explanation?
  • Continue the lesson even though the dismissal bell rang 15 minutes ago?
  • Look in the direction of your waving hand... and then don't give you the chance to ask something?
  • Use sarcasm way too much ("Oh sure, go ahead and talk some more. Waste more time!"), thus sounding like a jerk?
  • Try to establish connections by speaking "teen speak" / online lingo?
  • Constantly remind the entire class to keep quiet, even though it's just a whisper?
  • Call us immature children?

Of course, teachers aren't the only party that have faults. Teachers, do you also find it annoying when students...
  • Ask a question, then do not understand the explanation because they didn't listen to something you said earlier?
  • Distract themselves, and slow down the lesson, until it goes into overtime?
  • Keep waving their hands and calling out your name, even though you're already answering someone else's question?
  • Use sarcasm way too much ("Oh sure, I don't mind being stuck in this stupid group, I'm sure we can still work things out."), thus sounding like a jerk?
  • Think that you are "too old" to use "teen speak" / online lingo in conversation?
  • Constantly whisper about things unrelated to the lesson, so you have to tell everyone to keep quiet everytime?
  • Act like immature children?

So, who really is more at fault here?